A BRIDE insists on a Harry Potter themed wedding and wants an owl to be the ring bearer. Experts say it’s a risky move.

She asked Grouchy_Shelter_5221 on Reddit for advice as she planned the big event.


Bride insists on Harry Potter themed weddings and has owl ring bearer

An owl could be the ring bearer. He would then fly the rings down the aisle during the ceremony. Newsweek reports.

Grouchy_Shelter was skeptical of the idea, warning that the birds might not be able to do the task even if trained.

They wrote: “Now in theory it could be done after 9 out of 10 times they will do exactly what I want it’s just the 1 time I’m worried about and I don’t really want to take that risk with rings of marriage.”

Instead, Redditor offered to bring owls to the ceremony for photo ops and a quick display of falconry.

Their friend was not thrilled with the idea.

“My friend is mad that I say she saw how well I trained them and she’s totally confident they won’t mess up, and it would be such a huge thing for the wedding,” the blogger wrote. ‘user.

It’s the result of a ladies-themed Florida wedding by Victoria and Arley, who met at a fast food restaurant.

They held their wedding ceremony in front of friends, family and a 43ft trailer filled with chicken tenderloins and seasoned fries.

The bride told local media WFLA that Checkers holds a special place in the couple’s hearts as it is one of the places where the newlyweds first met.

As their relationship grew, the couple planned their proposal around Checkers Fry Lover’s Burger.

The restaurant provided exclusive fries and chicken fillets for guests on the wedding day.

Victoria also received a bouquet from Checkers consisting of chicken fillets. She says it made her feel special. “a lady’s princess.”


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