When you’re invited to a wedding, one of the first things you probably do—after responding and congratulating the future fiancé, of course—is check the internet for styling advice. Is this a destination ceremony in the tropics? A fashion editor somewhere has already curated a niche edit of carefree and beachy casual looks for your consideration. But for the many other wedding-related activities – rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, etc. – well, there is significantly less information available. You’ve already got the perfect subtle and sultry dress for the big day, but what are you wearing to the bridal shower, for example? TZR decided to specifically tackle this latest occasion by investigating fashion etiquette for the sentimental soiree so you won’t be left out when you have one approaching on the docket.

The main aspect of a bridal shower guest outfit is obviously to stick to the romantic aesthetic. You’ll want to opt for pieces with a sweet, even flirtatious spirit, like a candy pink ruffled dress or an alluring two-piece set in a floral print. Lia Kesfounder of the eco-responsible and luxury label KES, says that the particular materials of your outfit can also help give off a themed vibe. Silk, she notes, evokes connotations of sophistication and romance, making it an ideal fabric to wear during a bridal shower. “The history of silk goes back almost 6,000 years, carried by a line of emperors,” describes Kes. “The timeless elegance and refined, regal essence of silk is evident in its lush feel, and the fabric’s history testifies to the romantic longevity of its exquisite beauty,” she remarks, saying it is inherently perfect for an occasion as centered in love as a bridal shower.

As for certain prohibited items or styles, Shopbop Fashion Director Caroline Maguire says the style etiquette for a bridal shower mirror is that of a wedding. “It’s a day when the bride shines, so try to steer clear of your traditional white and ivory palette,” she explains. “I think a print with a white background is fine, but overall, keep it light and go for something more colorful!”

Ahead, check out some different bridal shower outfit ideas, with more insight from Maguire and Kes and a selection of ideal outfits for your next event celebrating love.

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A floral dress, of course

Surprise, surprise – Maguire highlights flowers as an appropriate choice for a bridal shower. In particular, though, she says a butterfly green color scheme is a trending hue for Spring 2022 flower-patterned options. “It’s not a shocking neon or heavy green that may be too dark for the spring season, but rather the perfect mix of refreshing and eye-catching,” she explains.

A cute mini dress

For those who don’t particularly like a midi or maxi silhouette, a flirty mini dress might be the style to consider. “We’ve seen so many minis on the market this spring and I love how designers are experimenting with voluminous sleeves and feminine silhouettes,” says Maguire. “They’re short and sweet and let your legs shine.”

Consider pairing your thigh-skimming dress with bright strappy heels and a showy handbag in a coordinating color for a playful, matching moment. Then for some added Spicy, try a cute heart-shaped ring and dangling earrings.

A trendy jumpsuit

“Try experimenting with different cuts and styles,” implores Maguire. “You don’t always have to wear a dress!” This wedding season, forgo a flowy dress or skirt and instead consider wearing a playful jumpsuit to a bridal shower. Haitian inspired fanm mon, for its part, features a number one-piece that mimics the effect of a puffy skirt, making it an ideal choice for someone trying their first time at anti-dressing evening wear. As for the style of the jumpsuit, opt for a heeled sandal in a punchy hue – like Loeffler Randall’s ruby ​​red bow shoes – and a neutral handbag.

Simple & Silky

“Many of our signature garments are ideal for wearing during a bridal shower,” offers the eponymous founder of KES. In particular, she screams the brand’s Venus dress. “You will never feel underdressed or overdressed with [this garment.] The refined minimalism of the garment offers style versatility for any season or environment,” Kes describes.

“Depending on where and what time of year, I’d pair them with a strappy heel, a high boot, or a flat sandal,” she explains. “You can team them either with a fresh and natural makeup look with a slightly undone bun and large hoop earrings, or with a more flirtatious look with a touch of lipstick.”

Romantic ruffles

High volume ruffles are another top detail you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for a bridal shower look. Wavy ruffles hint at an undeniably feminine spirit, and if you choose a garment in a romantic color palette – think ruby ​​reds, bright pinks and dusty purples – the look will be even more on the nose.

Since a ruffled dress creates an impactful silhouette, you’ll want to take a minimal approach when accessorizing. A small strappy heel, simple hoops, a sculptural cuff and a neutral handbag are all you’ll need.

A two piece set

The matching sets have a put-together feel while still maintaining a girl-cool sense of “Oh, that? I just threw that away. And they’re also ideal for bridal showers, as they’re a bit unconventional and perfect for those who identify as sartorially adventurous.” I always find a coordinated ensemble a no-brainer [for a bridal shower]Maguire suggests. “With three looks in one outfit, you can mix and match pieces for various future occasions,” she explains.

And if you choose an ensemble that sports a fresh floral print, maybe even a ruffle or two, it’s a go-to bridal shower outfit. Zimmermann’s idyllic matching pleated top and skirt will deliver a luxe effect with down-to-earth appeal.

Choice of cuts

A sure-fire approach to dressing an event is to check out what’s currently dominating the trend cycle, then choose a piece that focuses on buzzing detail. In 2022 (and likely many years to come), the cutouts are leading the charge. Consider a cutout dress — like Jonathan Simkhai’s sky-blue shirt dress — that pays homage to the revealing skin trend but in an undeniably subtle and sophisticated way.


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