Here’s something I didn’t expect to say in 2019, but Hill hoods have proven that the Red hot peppers and Phil collins can be overwritten into a single track. And it seems to divide everyone who has heard it.

2019 saw a plethora of incredible As a version inputs. So much so that I said this year’s compilation cd will be more like a multi-disc anthology like the ones you might buy from Danoz Direct.

Absolute sack-whackers like Curry Denzel‘s’Bulls in parade‘to the completely and heartbreaking emo Death Cab for Cutie tribute from Halsey and Yungblud, everything was hot from top to bottom.

Hilltop Hoods’ 2019 offering is definitely something LIKE a version. It’s definitely a take on RHCP’s’I can not stop‘, there is no denying it. There are certainly bands in the spectrum that have-covered-other-bands-on-the-national-broadcaster.

The Adelaide gang took the huge track on a more reggae soul road, with a powerful singer Nyassa on harmonies and Anatole and kirsty tickle from Party Dozen/Exhibitionist on brass, and mixed in the enormous’ of Phil CollinsIn the air tonight‘for good measure.

Some punters took issue with the coverage, however, as there was no slap bass present (Chip would be so upset) and one of the guitars sounded very out of tune (???), the Hilltop Hoods edition definitely divided everyone who figured it out Triple J this morning.

Goodness me.

Either way, you’re a grown adult with your own thoughts and opinions, so go ahead and listen to Hilltop Hoods LAV which looks a bit like a newlywed couple going to dance in the room halfway through , causing Soufa make an impromptu speech introducing them.

Image: YouTube / Triple J

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