TAMPA, Florida, July 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Rune Labs is launching a Kickstarter campaign for RUNE groups, alliances created with a newly invented material called EPU. Using new manufacturing methods called “digital light synthesis”, RUNE bands are literally made by combining light and air. This allows for flexible, but also exceptionally long-lasting wedding bands, while still retaining the ability for outdoor dimensional designs that keep the finger cool and comfortable.

“I was tired of the pruning and the irritation,” said John wells, creator of Runic laboratories. “Silicone bands are cheap and rubbery – generally hot and uncomfortable. I also don’t feel comfortable wearing a metal ring when I’m active because they are bulky and pose a risk of injury. wife is a nurse and a yoga practitioner so she was in the same boat. In our endless quest for the perfect ring I discovered this brand new material – and that started a 2 year period of development that eventually became RUNE . “

Made in the United States, RUNE is made of EPU – a newly created material. Its combination of tear resistance, energy return and elongation makes the EPU perfect for cushioning, shock absorption and comfort. EPU is certified biocompatible and produces less waste than a comparable silicone manufacture.

Runic laboratories takes advantage of a whole new kind of manufacturing process called digital light synthesis, pioneered by additive manufacturing giant Carbon. The growth process allows for endless possibilities of design and dimension. When combined with the high durability of the EPU, the rings can be made with large openings, ensuring that the moisture traps of the silicone bands are avoided. Another benefit of precision manufacturing is that they can be made in half size unlike almost all of the major silicone bands on the market.

Launch July 14the on Kickstarter, John wells and Runic laboratories seek to raise some of the funds needed for large-scale production. They will be available for Pre-order from the early bird price of $ 59.

“We call it ‘the group that breathes’,” John said. “You can immediately tell the difference when it’s on your finger.”

Contact [email protected] or call Runic laboratories at 727-998-2008 for more information.

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