A couple from Co Tyrone who performed music in front of a crowd together for the first time at their wedding explained what it means to them.

Eunan and Lucy Anderson tied the knot on Saturday July 17 at Belfast Castle after coronavirus restrictions pushed him back from May.

Both are musicians, Eunan playing the violin while Lucy has been a drummer for 17 years. They both “live and breathe music,” much of their relationship being a shared love for going to concerts – including each other – and listening to music.

Fortunately, restrictions had loosened to allow live music on their big day, meaning they could include a live band in their wedding plans.

They booked the Juke Act, their close friends who first trained in 2018 and perform regularly at popular venues around Belfast including The Thirsty Goat, The Dirty Onion and Henry’s.

Eunan was no stranger to playing with the guys, as he had performed with them for live gigs before.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Eunan, from Pomeroy, said: “They were the ones who said to me, ‘Eunan, you know you’re getting up and playing with us at some point. So I had the violin ready to go, and I said to drummer Darragh, ‘Give Lucy a shout every time I go up, she’ll definitely go up and play.’

“If I had told her ahead of time that she was going upstairs, she would have said no. We all just pressured her. It was awesome.”

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Lucy agreed, adding, “No, I certainly wouldn’t have done it if you had said it before! I needed someone to make me do it to be honest.”

Juke drummer Darragh Tracey explained that they “wanted to do whatever we could to make sure they had a fantastic day” and including them in the band for a few tracks was part of that.

But it all fell into place when he stumbled upon a photo of Lucy playing the drums at a concert.

Darragh said: “Eunan has put his incredible talents as a violinist to good use on several occasions and when he asked us to perform at his wedding he didn’t even have to say it, he would be there in costume and fiddler. next to us, blowing up tunes like he always does.

“It wasn’t until a week before the wedding that I saw a photo on Instagram of Lucy playing the drums in a band fight several years ago and immediately messaged the Juke Boys. to tell them that we were going to raise him on stage the same day.

“Eunan joined us, like we all knew he would, and did his thing for a few acts, and then Brent announced – without telling him before – that Lucy would be joining us on stage for a few songs. We got to see. immediately she was shocked but with the enthusiastic applause and cheers from the wedding guests, she had no choice but to stand up and join us.

“And frankly, she broke it. The crowd went crazy and the two performed, completely without rehearsal and without preparation, as if they had been part of a band together for years. As I told to. the era, “Couples who rock together, Roll together”.

“Coming back to play at a wedding was amazing for ourselves, but sharing that moment with newlyweds made it even more fantastic.”

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