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After two long years, wedding season is back in full force. And whether you’re worn out, oversized, or just want a new wedding suit, there’s never been a better time to invest in one. Fashion-forward menswear brands are capitalizing on the formal wear craze and delivering shopping cart-worthy jackets and dress pants infused with performance fabrics, clever tailoring and (of course) a lot of style.

But let’s be honest: these days, weddings seem a lot different from years past. Some weddings are more casual, casual, while others have doubled the extravagance (you only get married once, right?). That means a wider variety of dress codes to navigate. And while suits, by nature, tend to be more casual than tuxedos, there are still plenty of styles to choose from that work for multiple occasions. From warm weather jackets to dressy cuts, the best wedding suits have you covered this summer and beyond.

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Ideal for warm weather weddings

Lilac Havana suit

Yes, the linen suit is a summer staple given that it’s airy and suits almost anyone, but it can also be itchy like a drawstring knit sweater. That’s not the case with Suitsupply’s Havana suit, which is interwoven with wool and silk to prevent skin irritation while upping its luxury quotient. Pair it with a light dress shirt (no tie) and killer loafers, and you have a rock-solid beach wedding look.

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Ideal for most weddings

Wool twill suit

Trends come and go, but a Ralph Lauren suit is forever. Especially this one which is rendered in a classic wool twill that can be worn all year round (but looks best in the shoulder seasons). Hand-stitched with an eternally elegant, yet not too tight fit, you’ll look back on old wedding photos decades from now and be proud you wore it.

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Best Cotton Suit

Italian Stretch Cotton Suit

Yes, Bonobos has claimed their credentials for their performance pants that make your butt look great, but did you know they also make incredibly flattering jackets? Grab this cooler-than-cool chino-colored suit, which has a slight stretch to accentuate bulging breasts and make it easier to move in. You know, in case you want to make a move at the wedding reception.

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Best Budget Suit

Burgundy suit

If you’re the type that doesn’t want to splurge on a wedding suit (and in this economy, we don’t blame you), we suggest forgoing suit rentals and owning one from SuitShop, a recently relaunched direct-to-consumer offer. who quickly ships quality evening wear at a fraction of the price of your typical big box costume store. This dark red hue lets you tastefully stand out from the guest list, without shelling out your entire paycheck.

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Ideal for travel

Howell Navy Stretch Wool Suit

Destination weddings are pretty awesome – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to get away from it all in these turbulent times? – but hours of travel can wreak havoc on your carry-on. Enter this one from Indochino, which is infused with nanomaterial technology and spandex to fight wrinkles and provide stretch, so you know it can hold up during transatlantic flights.

Best Seersucker Suit

Ludlow Slim Fit Seersucker Suit

Ludlow slim fit seersucker trousers

$128 AT J. CREW

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? That’s J.Crew’s approach to their menswear essentials, especially wedding attire. This summer-ready Ludlow suit hasn’t changed much since it was released in 2008. Its seersucker fabric still offers breathability and a continental vibe that make it home for beach weddings. After the wedding season is over, you can fully enjoy this costume. Wear the jacket separately with lightweight jeans or chinos for a dressy brunch on scorching summer days.

Best Deluxe Costume

Prince of Wales checked wool and silk blend suit jacket

Prince of Wales checked wool and silk blend trousers

$1,330 AT MR. TO CARRY

Nothing says you’ve arrived like a Prince of Whales set, and this one from Tom Ford is the ultimate power suit. Checks line each seam to show off its impeccable craftsmanship, while padded shoulders give it a crisp look Wall Streett vibrations. If budget isn’t a factor for you, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Best Casual Suit

Venture Jacket

ABC Classic Fit Trousers


Guys showing up for their day job in athleisure will find a lot to like with Lululemon’s take on the summer suit. His pants feature the brand’s bulletproof technology to avoid swamp crotch, while the venture blazer looks like your favorite workout clothes, but is still dressy enough for backyard weddings or casual business meetings. .

Ideal for groomsmen

Regular Fit Suit in Virgin Wool with Micro Pattern

Like bridesmaids, groomsmen have a slim line to walk between looking flawless without overshadowing the groom. Hugo Boss’s virgin wool two-piece easily ticks both boxes, with a respectable micro-pattern that adds interesting texture without drawing too much attention.

How should a wedding suit be fitted?

We’re glad you asked. Like any other suit, your wedding suit should fit perfectly. Whether you want to be loose (i.e. trendy) or super slim, a suit’s jacket should sit directly over the shoulder and its sleeves should be slightly above the sleeves to show off your buttons. cuff.

With your suit pants you can go all the way to the Thom Browne and cut it above your ankles, but for most men we recommend ending it just above your dress shoe, punctuating it with a deep crease.

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