A Texas man who helped organize protests against pandemic restrictions is fighting for his life after being hospitalized for nearly a month with COVID-19, the San Angelo Normal Hours Reported.

His wife, Jessica Wallace, wrote on Facebook Wednesday that she had had a “heartbreaking update” about her husband, Caleb.

” He is not feeling right. This is not working in our favor, ”she said. “His lungs are stiff from the fibrosis. They called and told me they had no more options for him and asked if I would agree not to resuscitate him. And it would be up to us to decide when to stop the treatments. “

“My heart just can’t. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Caleb Wallace, 30, a father of three, has been unconscious, ventilated and heavily sedated in the intensive care unit at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo since August 8, The Standard-Times reported. His wife said the a GoFundMe page for household and medical bills that he was intubated several times, he had high fevers, infection and bleeding in his chest.

In July 2020, Caleb Wallace reportedly helped organize a “rally for freedom” which billed itself as a protest against the “government that controls our lives.” He also founded the San Angelo Freedom Defenders, which held a separate rally last year to “end the tyranny of COVID”.

In a video from one of the group’s events featuring Wallace and another organizer, attendees had signs saying “all jobs are essential” and “open Texas.”

He wrote a letter in April at the San Angelo Independent School District which was published by local media. In it, he demanded that the school district “immediately reverse ALL policies related to COVID” and falsely claimed that wearing masks had harmful effects on children and that there was “little evidence that masks worked for anyone “.

He signed the letter as state coordinator of the West Texas Minutemen, a right-wing militia that broadcast numerous anti-vaccine misinformation on Facebook. The group page is no longer active, after a Tech Transparency Project report revealed he was sharing misinformation. However, a page for the Still Active East Texas Minutemen, which has also posted anti-mask rhetoric and false claims about COVID-19 treatments, is still active and is being liked by Jessica and Caleb Wallace’s shared Facebook page.

When he first experienced symptoms on July 26, his wife told The Standard-Times, he refused to be tested or to see a doctor. Instead, he began to treat himself with a cocktail of vitamin C, zinc, aspirin and ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug that has been used. misrepresented as an effective treatment for COVID-19 by conservative media. He was taken to hospital on July 30.

Jessica Wallace told The Standard-Times that she was “less conservative” than her husband and personally wore a mask.

“Caleb was like, ‘You know the masks aren’t going to save you,’ but he understood that I wanted to wear them,” she said. “It comforts me to know that maybe, just maybe, I’m protecting someone or I’m avoiding them myself.”

The Wallace family story comes amid a mask debate across Texas, where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a decree ban mask warrants. Some local officials have fought back or defied the order, creating a confusing patchwork of rules in more than 200 counties.

This continued amid a new wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across Texas, driven by the virulent and highly contagious delta variant of the virus. Roughly 47% of the eligible Texas population has been fully immunized.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that the “rally for freedom” that Caleb Wallace helped organize took place in July. It was in July 2020.


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