Late on Friday night, Jan. 6, ‘Stop the Steal’ organizer Ali Alexander filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop phone company Verizon Wireless from turning over his phone records to the House Select Committee. assigned to investigate the Capitol Riot. The 25-page filing in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., lists the defendants, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House Jan. 6 Select Committee and Verizon Wireless, while seeking an injunction on the Alexander’s phone records. “The data sought is not relevant to the investigation and sweeps away privileged communications between Alexander and the clergy, Alexander and those he spiritually counsels, and Alexander and his respective attorneys,” the lawsuit states. “Mr. Alexander reasonably fears that this is revenge for his beliefs and lawful campaigning activities which are lumped together with unlawful acts; and before a body which is not authorized to do either of these things.

Jonathan A. Mosely, one of two attorneys representing Alexander in the legal case, told The Daily Beast late Friday night that “sueing Congress isn’t that easy,” while saying his client had grown frustrated with the committee, after dropping “thousands and thousands of pages and it’s never enough. Alexander’s other attorney, Paul D. Kamenar, told the Daily Beast that he hopes to see the American Civil Liberties Union to come to Alexander’s aid. “We expect the ACLU to come on board,” he added, “and hopefully bring both ends of the political spectrum to agreement that the committee of 6 January is going too far.”

On Saturday morning, Politico reported that the late-night filing confirmed Alexander contacted Republican lawmakers Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Mo Brooks and Rep. Andy Biggs before the riot. Additionally, according to the filing, Alexander had “a few phone conversations” with Gosar.


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