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See the photos of the new extension wedding band With Brittany Bradford, Veanne Cox, More

TFANA’s production of the Alice Childress play began on May 8.

Brittany Bradford
Henry Grossman

Discover the production photos of Alliance: a love/hate story in black and white by Alice Childress. Theater for a New Audience recently announced a one-week extension until May 22 and a paid ticketing initiative for the show directed by Awoye Timpo.


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Set in 1918 Charleston, South Carolina at the end of World War I and during the flu pandemic, wedding band delves into the dynamics of a small community of black women as a new addition reveals her long-term relationship with a white man.

The cast includes Brittany Bradford, Rosalyn Coleman, Veanne Cox, Rebecca Haden, Brittany-Laurelle, Sofie Nesanelis, Renrick Palmer, Phoenix Noelle, Thomas Sadoski, Elizabeth Van Dyke and Max Woertendyke.

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Production includes stage design by Jason Ardizzone-West, costume design by Qween Jean, lighting design by Stacey Derosier, sound design by Rena Anakwe, musical composition by Alphonso Horne, musical direction by Nehemiah Luckett , motion direction by Renee Robinson, vocal direction by Andrew Wade, dialect coaching by Cherie Corinne Rice, and dramaturgy by Arminda Thomas and TFANA Resident Playwright Jonathan Kalb.

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TFANA Wedding Alliance Announces Expansion and Ticketing Initiative


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