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Posted: Monday September 27th, 2021 11:50 AM [IST]

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Every beautiful dream begins with a dreamer. “

Starting a start-up these days is not a huge problem. What makes him exceptional is the courage to go ahead and make this dream come true. With these holy words, let Pine Tree State introduce you, man Purujit Singh.

Purujit Singh, India's Youngest Entrepreneur and Event Organizer

Some see him as a dreamer, Some see him as a visionary, and we believe them too. man Purujit Singh is one of the Asian nation’s most successful young entrepreneurs. He is jointly a mentor, guide and inspiration to thousands of young people as he has provided them with a platform to showcase their skills and competences in their individual phase. Beside that, the Purujit man is the prestigious owner of the terribly well-known event management and advertising company “Big Projects”.

Big Comes is undoubtedly creating a sensational buzz within the company. The organization provides exposure to several young enthusiasts also as famous skills of the Asian nation. relying on a single project is not how sane minds are. an equivalent goes with our bourgeois Purujit, and he is the proud owner of the distinguished International Institute of Film Creation which is located in the town of Nawab’s-Lucknow.

The list does not end here. He is currently set to announce the date for the fourth Model of the Year season with the Bollywood celebrity and is working with his event partners Bhawneet Singh and Nitin Sharma. he’s also set to release his authentic industrial music video, which can be premiered via Bhawneet Singh as BS Productions, which features Karthik Sharma, Deep Sachar and Dimple Rai. The lyrics are written by sensational rapper Kabira.

Now let us put some weight on his accomplishments.

Mr Purujit was recently awarded the title of “Young Bourgeois 2020” by ocean Lord Entertainment-E24, Youngest Event Organizer 2019 by Rannvijay Singh and Young Event Organizer 2020 by Aristocrat Narula. however, he has over two hundred accolades to his name.

Aren’t the numbers amazing? Well, wait! Recently he was also praised by well-known comedian Raju Srivastava, Roadies fame “Prince Narula, Aahna Sharma, Arushi Handa”, Arina Dey, Parul Chauhan and OTT series actor Arham Abbasi.

Purujit always believed that if there was bold bravery in your heart, no one would stop you from reaching milestones. With this aspiration, he set the example of the associate degree to develop and uplift others as well. If you are mainly looking for your destiny, then contact him now!

Article first published: Monday September 27th, 2021, 11:50 AM [IST]


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