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In the past few months alone, we have seen members of the British Royal Family step in and step up to serve the monarchy in place of Queen Elizabeth II amid her recent health swings. Of all the members of the House of Windsor, eyes have mostly been fixed on Prince Charles, who will one day ascend the throne. While the future King of England has had his whole life to prepare for the role, a royal expert believes there may still be concerns over Prince Charles’s rise – and that he will have to ‘prove himself’ “in time to come.

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Write a song for yahoo, find freedom Author Omid Scobie details his views on the next phase of the monarchy, with insight offered by sources close to the royal family. “With the Queen now comfortably in the final chapter of her reign, the time has come for Prince Charles to prove he is truly capable of carrying on his 70-year legacy (and one last chance to capture the imagination of those who are still not convinced)”, Scobie writes. “For this to work, the transition needs to be smooth – and there will certainly be opportunities to achieve that.”

Indeed, there have already been a number of instances in which longtime supporters of the royal family have seen what the future holds. Prince Charles recently hosted the official opening of Parliament just a few days ago, and it’s a sight we should probably get used to. “Although Her Majesty remains more engaged than ever in the affairs of State and her weekly meetings with the Prime Minister continue, State openings of Parliament are now likely to be Charles’ responsibility in the future . The same, sources tell me, will apply to hosting state visits when they resume.

While these glimpses of what’s to come for the royal family have steadily increased over the past few months, in particular, Scobie notes that only time will tell how Prince Charles will handle his role as ruler. “Whether Charles has just the right thing will only be seen once he ascends the throne,” Scobie writes, adding, “but one thing is certain – the Queen has earned the right to conserve her energy for moments of celebration that the nation can enjoy alongside it.Just as Scobie suggests, the platinum jubilee will certainly be a moment of celebration next month, although it will also serve as a reminder that the next chapter of the royal family approximate.

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