SCHENECTADY – A man from Schenectady was arrested and an all-terrain motorcycle and two ATVs were seized after an investigation into two incidents in the town in June, as well as incidents in Colonie, police from both jurisdictions said Thursday.


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Traitin T. Knight, 26, of Schenectady, surrendered to police Thursday on one count of unlawful flight from a police officer and two counts of reckless driving, misdemeanors.

He also faces two violations of city ordinances and a total of 48 traffic and vehicle violations, police said.

The two incidents would have occurred in June in Schenectady: on June 5 in various places of the city, then on June 13.

In the second incident, a police officer tried to stop him and he fled, police said.

After the June incidents, police obtained a search warrant for a storage unit where they seized an all-terrain motorcycle which police said was seen driving recklessly. They also seized two unregistered ATVs.

The town police treated Knight and then turned him over to the colony police to get warrants there.

Knight was wanted at Colony on one count of second degree reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor and 13 traffic violations, police said at the scene.

Knight is accused of being part of a large group of motorcyclists and quad riders who drove through town on June 22.

“Knight has organized” chaos rides “where typically a dozen or more motorcyclists stay together in groups, ride recklessly, perform stunts, disobey the rules of the road, endanger other motorists and refuse to stop for the police, ”Colony police said in a press release. “Colony Police worked with Schenectady Police to identify Knight from ride video and social media.”

Knight’s arrest is the fourth in Colony for similar behavior since April, police said.

“The Traffic Division continues to identify the bikers as part of the ongoing investigation in their efforts to end this dangerous behavior,” Colony police said.

In Schenectady, authorities have focused on harmful off-road vehicles in recent months. The city council in May increased the redemption fees for vehicles seized by police for offenses.

Under the May legislation, all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, dirt bikes, buggies, go-karts and all other motorized track bikes are prohibited on city streets, highways, parks and trails. Anyone found guilty of driving an off-road vehicle is liable to a fine of up to $ 500, or jail of up to 15 days, or both.

Under the new legislation, a police officer can impound the off-road vehicle, with the owner subject to a buy-back fee of $ 2,350.

If the all-terrain vehicle is not claimed after 60 days, it can be auctioned off to the highest bidder, scrapped, or destroyed.


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