A wedding is considered one of life’s most intimate and bespoke journeys. Any event can be filled with joy and entertainment, but the wedding photoshoot is the beating heart of everything as it captures those priceless loving moments that evoke the happiness, the coveted looks and the sheer joy that a bride is fulfilled. to think about her wedding day. It creates everlasting memories when those emotions are captured unfiltered by the camera, creating some serious bridal magic with alluring makeup.

A lot of hard work goes into a bridal photoshoot and it starts with the process of getting a bride to be absolutely camera ready. Therefore, makeup should be done very carefully. The most important thing to understand about makeup for a bridal photoshoot is that the lens doesn’t always capture makeup and color as vividly as it looks in real life. Therefore, it is imperative to wear more makeup for photo shoots than in real life. While you want a more subtle aesthetic of makeup in shots, you still need a bit more makeup because it won’t look as good through the camera. That being said, here are some important makeup tips that one can apply while preparing for a wedding photoshoot.


A good foundation should be established before thinking about makeup. It is therefore very important to invest in dermatologist recommended cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers to remove the dead and dull layers of the skin and give your skin a clean, fresh and smooth appearance with a natural glow. .


This beauty tip is the one to follow throughout the year, but it becomes all the more imperative on your wedding day. Hydrated skin allows for ideal makeup application and allows skin to glow throughout the day. We could also see a difference in the appearance of fine lines and pores.

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A well-mixed base is an absolute necessity. An uneven base would be the last thing one wanted as it would start to show up in the pictures. It is therefore essential that the makeup artist selects a foundation that looks natural and adapts perfectly to the skin. It is advisable to have a matte finish with the foundation so that it blends perfectly with the skin and does not shine. It is also advisable to blend the foundation up to the collarbone so that the skin color is not different in the two regions of the photo.


After a crisp, smooth base, contouring and highlighting facial features is the next big step in camera prep. This helps accentuate and define her bone structure in front of the camera and adds a bit of dimension to the face. Contouring and highlighting should always be matte so makeup doesn’t shine when light bounces off it.


After mixing, when starting makeup, it’s important to remember that when you get your picture taken, the eyes become the focal point. As a result, one has to make sure that the makeup really draws attention to his eyes. The eyes will be more defined if the color is bolder. Even if you usually wear mascara and brown or gray eyeliner, shooting in dramatic black will look a lot better. Pooja Sarin Puri, a makeup artist, said, “For me, nude makeup with minimal eye makeup with bright colors is a great combination as it can make the whole look richer and more vibrant. I would also suggest brown and black shades for the eyes to add more drama to the face. In short, glam eyes with a subtle face can work wonders on camera.

To make lashes stand out in photos, use two or three coats of mascara. Additionally, fill in the eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil. In the photos, thicker eyebrows look better than thin eyebrows.

Gauahar Khan shines in her wedding photoshoot (Photo: viral bhayani)
Gauahar Khan shines in her wedding photoshoot (Photo: viral bhayani)


Last but not the least, it is essential to watch the lighting in which the makeup is applied so that it looks natural on camera. Beauty and makeover expert Richa Agarwal emphasizes this point and says, “The makeup should be applied in the same type of light that you plan to use to photograph the shots, otherwise it will appear a lot more. darker or lighter in your images than it did. when it was applied. For daylight outdoor shots, ultra HD soft makeup is used and concealment is carefully done so that blemishes are not visible on the camera. However, when shooting indoors with artificial lights, the makeup should be a bit heavier with more outlines so that the face does not appear pale and washed out.

It is important to remember that when a click is clicked, the eyes become the focal point.  So you have to make sure that the makeup really draws attention to your eyes.
It is important to remember that when a click is clicked, the eyes become the focal point. So you have to make sure that the makeup really draws attention to your eyes.

Once the bride is ready, it’s time to take on the wedding paparazzi and start with the shoot. It is arduous, challenging and, of course, requires a high degree of professionalism. Timing has to be everything and you have to capture even the weakest or most insignificant things, feelings and moods of the bride. Because a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, the margin for error is virtually zero. Fashion and wedding photographer Ichit Anand gives some essential tips on how to achieve a wedding photoshoot. He says, “Capturing the bride in her element is essential and that requires proper planning. Before a photoshoot, I sit down with the person being photographed and create a series of poses that need to be captured, while the other shots are candid. The quality of light during shooting is also very important as it affects the appearance of makeup. “Natural light occurs when the golden hour strikes, and the bride can get the best quality images because it smooths out the texture of the makeup. On the other hand, there is an artificial or creative light that can be controlled by the photographer and can be used depending on the makeup and requirements of the bride, ”says Anand.


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