The Sunwing saga continues, with trip organizer James William Awad calling critics of the now-notorious air travel “sheep” on Twitter on Sunday morning.

“The reality of the story, the sheep [sic] are angry because people partied on a private charter plane where partying was allowed. Wake up!!” he wrote.

The proclamation follows a Thursday statement from Blogspot in which Awad said he “understands[s] why many fellow citizens are upset by the current situation” and what he has learned from his experience.

Awad told CTV News last week that Sunwing was partly responsible for the controversy in which a group of Quebec influencers came under fire following reports of loud parties on a charter flight to Mexico.

In a series of social media posts, maskless passengers were shown drinking, vaping and partying, sparking public outrage and leading Sunwing and other airlines to deny passengers passage. travelers to Canada.

But Awad says staff did not tell passengers to stop partying and provided them with the alcohol they were drinking.

There were “flight attendants dancing with us,” he alleged. “If an instruction had been given to stop everything, I would have stopped it in a second.”

Sunwing has yet to respond to these accusations.

The incident made waves across Quebec and beyond, earning a reprimand from Justin Trudeau and even making an appearance on The Tonight Show.

“There’s no better way to teach someone a lesson than to force them to spend more time in Cancun,” joked host Jimmy Fallon.

The theft is currently under investigation by Transport Canada, with passengers facing potential fines. Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Friday that Quebec prosecutors have been notified of the incident and will investigate possible violations.


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