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February 25, 2022 | 1:15 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Wedding preparations can be daunting. As you want to make your special day truly memorable, pressure and stress can get in the way. Financial problems can also be obstacles to achieving the marriage of your dreams.

But just because you’re low on budget doesn’t mean you can’t plan the wedding of your dreams. Here are some tips from real couples and experts on how to have a do-it-yourself wedding:

Stick to a theme

Teddy Manuel, a popular event stylist who’s been making waves in the industry for nearly two decades, surely knows how to make weddings aesthetically pleasing – from the entrance backdrops for the entourage to the backdrop and ceiling at the reception. .

If there’s one piece of advice he always shares with his clients, it’s: “Always be consistent.”

“It is important that everything is linked. Stick to one color palette and work from there,” he said.

Due to the pandemic, Teddy had to be resourceful to shop for supplies safely, which led him to try an online shopping portal as his new go-to vendor.

“Look at Shopee for the specific products you need and you’re sure to find plenty of options,” he said.

Among Teddy’s favorite finds are these hanging silk flowers and white umbrellas, which add lush elegance to any event space. He’s also turning to online shopping for dinnerware, like a beautifully crafted gold-edged ceramic Nordic plate for the perfect finishing touch to his setup.

“When ordering online, it is essential that you read the description and contact the seller for further information about the product. I’m grateful that I got affordable, high-quality products…and since all I have to do is add them to my cart, it’s also easier for me to manage other tasks and responsibilities. For the wedding.

Be creative with small details

Your wedding theme can be done down to the smallest detail, such as table tops, scented candles, arches and more. While wedding planners can certainly materialize the theme you have in mind, it could be expensive. And let’s face it: getting creative with your partner in all your wedding preparations is part of the fun, and you can put a truly personalized touch on every detail of your special day.

Before tying the knot earlier this month, George and T-Ann struggled to find material for their wedding. The couple, who had been together for five years, turned to Shopee to buy almost everything they needed for their celebration. Although both were busy with their respective schedules (George ran their family business and T-Ann had just finished her residency as a doctor), they were able to contact and find a few suppliers for their decorations. Still, they had plenty on their checklist that weren’t readily available.

Since the shopping malls and Divisoria were crowded and risky to visit, they chose to buy materials for their souvenirs for more than 100 guests from the online store. Not only have the couple dramatically reduced their spending; they also enjoyed the process of making the decorations.

“Don’t be afraid to tinker. It adds a personal touch to the wedding. Our loved ones have all come together to help create some of our great decorations. These have become priceless moments that we will cherish together forever,” they said.

Focus on affordability

For couples who are also considering a DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding, George and T-Ann advised them to focus on affordable, quality raw materials that look high-end and professionally assembled. . The couple also suggested buying a sample first to check the quality before ordering in bulk.

Fancy a magical wedding? The couple recommended fairy and geometric lights that embellished their venue and personalized scented candles that served as party favors for guests.

“(Online shopping) really played a big part in our wedding preparations as most of the items were already available there at very affordable prices. It was so convenient for us as we didn’t have to worry about spending money on parking and gas and going to crowded places,” they said.

The leading online destination is hosting a wedding expo on February 26-27. Brides and grooms can take advantage of deep discounts, cash back on parts and more.

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