An Olympic organizer said he did not expect greater fluctuations in COVID-19 cases as fewer people arrive in Beijing for the Winter Games.

Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic and Games Control Office, said the number of positive COVID-19 cases had increased as more people arrived in Beijing for the event, but the trend dropped. after the opening ceremony.

Huang said there would likely be fewer COVID-19 cases with fewer inbound flights.

“After Friday’s opening ceremony, there is a drop in arrivals and we have even fewer inbound flights, which means there will be fewer positive cases,” Huang said, according to Reuters.

“We hope to be able to maintain this trend and there may only be minor fluctuations,” he added.

Huang said, however, that officials must ensure that mitigation measures are still applied within the “closed loop” to prevent internal spread. The “closed loop” is a reinforced bubble to keep Olympic staff healthy during the event.

“We have to pay attention to closed-loop measurements. We don’t see any clusters spreading and so far it hasn’t affected the smooth running of the competitions,” Huang said, according to Reuters.

He also said that if health precautions are adhered to, the number of Games-related cases “will remain at relatively low levels”.

“If we all follow the countermeasures, I think the level of positive cases will stay at relatively low levels,” Huang said, according to Reuters.

The Winter Olympics started on Friday.

China reported 10 new COVID-19 infections among Olympics-associated personnel on Sunday, according to Reuters, which was lower than the 45 cases reported the day before.

Four of the additional cases were people who had just arrived in the country for the Games, according to Reuters, including two athletes or team staff. The other six people were already in “closed circuit”.


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