Netflix has fired a black, trans and pregnant employee tasked with organizing the October walkout to protest the way the streaming service’s management is dealing with the fallout from the Dave Chappelle controversy The closest special comedy, according to The edge.

The unidentified employee is a leader of the Trans Employee Resource Group and has requested to remain anonymous to avoid harassment online during their pregnancy. They were reportedly fired on suspicion that they were the party that disclosed to the press confidential company actions regarding streaming numbers and payment for Chappelle’s special standup. These metrics were published in a recent Bloomberg report on the special. This employee circulated the figures internally, but it was noted that he had denounced the leaks to the public among his colleagues, fearing it would hurt their planned protest efforts.

“All of these white people are talking to the press and talking publicly on Twitter and the only person who gets fired is the black person who was silent all the time,” said a former employee. The edge in an interview. “This is absurd, and it shows even more that black trans people are the ones being targeted in this conversation.”

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos recently doubled down on the company’s support for Dave Chappelle and his comedy special, despite the many feathers he has ruffled among members and allies of the LGBTQIA + community, especially the trans people. It came after rumors that several trans employees who had publicly spoken openly about their standup violation and derogatory jokes were suspended after posting on Twitter. In a leaked memo, Sarandos claimed that these accusations were false and that those employees were in fact placed on leave for attempting to attend a restricted meeting among the streaming service’s senior executives. These employees were then allowed to return to work.

A Netflix spokesperson confirms, however, that this particular employee was relieved of their duties after their alleged actions.

“We fired an employee for sharing confidential and commercially sensitive information outside the company,” they reportedly said. “We understand that this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and hurt by Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the heart of our business. ”

Netflix is ​​notoriously private with ROI and official information on show performance, and places great importance on keeping internal company data only. With the recent leak, Bloomberg was able to report that Netflix spent $ 24.1 million so far The closest. For comparison, the company spent $ 21.4 million on the 9-episode hit. Squid game, the most popular title the streaming service has ever released.

To top it off, based on the measure of the company’s title success, balancing a show’s reach with its cost, Chappelle’s special only got a score of 0.8, which is below the company’s basic breakeven point of 1.

As a leader of Netflix’s Trans Employee Resource Group recently wrote in a public company Slack channel ahead of the planned walkout, “Our leaders have shown us that they are not standing up for the values ​​we stand for. required.

These recent suspensions and layoffs have taken place despite the company’s notorious encouragement for employees to openly disagree with the company’s content choices and decision-making.

“I encourage us to make it clear that as Netflix employees we are breathtaking not only when we do the work our roles require of us,” the post continued, “but also when we question the very principles. of our company. ”


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