BATON ROUGE – Flu season and COVID-19 are about to merge again. This year, doctors are grappling with questions about the flu and booster shots.

Medical experts are now pushing people to get both and say you can do it at the same time.

Earl Doomes received his COVID-19 booster on Wednesday and plans to get the flu shot.

“I’m just for getting maximum protection,” he said.

Baton Rouge General Mid City chief nurse Angie Clouatre said she recommends the flu shot to anyone over six months of age.

“It’s about protecting ourselves, protecting our families, and keeping hospital doors open and beds available for emergencies that may not be related to the flu or COVID-19. It is important for us to do our part.

Doctors say that with more people traveling and meeting over the holidays, there is another worry of an increase in cases again.

But this year vaccines are available.

“I am an elderly person and I think there is some evidence that the vaccine works,” Doomes said.

The differences between the flu and COVID-19 are subtle. Flu symptoms can come on suddenly and include muscle pain.

“It looks different in different people, but the symptoms are very similar. That’s why we recommend the booster, the COVID vaccines in general, and the flu shot.”

Governor John Bel Edwards and Dr Joseph Kanter of the Louisiana Department of Health received their two injections on Wednesday afternoon.


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