The organizer of Saturday’s rally in support of defendants indicted in the Capitol Riot told protesters not to wear Trump-themed gear amid warnings that the protest could turn violent.

Videos and photographs of rioters wearing MAGA-themed red hats carrying Donald Trump banners have been a critical part of coverage of the fallout from the January 6 violence.

The “Justice for D6” rally, which is scheduled for September 18, aims to support those indicted in the Capitol riot and to seek justice for Ashli ​​Babbitt, who was shot and killed in the riot.

Matt Braynard, a former member of the Trump campaign, told that he is also asking attendees not to wear Biden-themed merchandise.

“This rally aims to protest against the treatment of these political prisoners. It has nothing to do with a candidate, nothing to do with the elections, ”he said.

“This is not a pro-Trump rally, an anti-Trump rally.

“This is not a pro or anti-Biden rally.

“It’s not political that way and we’re not doing anything to distract from it.”

Former President Donald Trump

‘Justice for J6’ rally organizer Matt Braynard (l) told attendees not to wear Trump gear or bring political signs so as not to distract from their main message of support for people arrested after the violence of January 6

Footage from January 6 shows rioters wearing MAGA hats and waving Trump flags as they stormed the United States Capitol.  The events of this sparked President Trump's second impeachment

Footage from January 6 shows rioters wearing MAGA hats and waving Trump flags as they stormed the United States Capitol. The events of this sparked President Trump’s second impeachment

Braynard warned that anyone wearing political gear would be treated as “infiltrators”

Justice For J6 will take place at noon on Saturday, when both chambers of Congress are on vacation and far fewer politicians and staff will be in the area than usual.

Advice to participants urged them not to bring “political” paraphernalia and instead wear red, white and blue. Troublemakers risk being filmed

Instead, guidelines issued to participants urged them to wear red, white and blue and to respect law enforcement.

In a tweet, Braynard also said anyone ignoring the instruction would be considered an infiltrator, filmed and “made famous”.

He said he told authorities he expected around 700 people to show up and called on his supporters not to be put off by warnings of violence.

“Don’t be discouraged from voicing your First Amendment rights,” he said.

“We have fully cooperated with three different police forces, we have a diplomatic security team, we have trained volunteers on the ground who are ready to keep everyone safe.

“The biggest fear people have is not violence per se, but that it is some kind of false flag, a trap to lure the patriots to Washington so that they can be arrested and thrown into the world. gulag.

“But that won’t happen either.

“This is what people want you to believe in order for you to become listless.

Images of January 6 violence feature MAGA hats and Trump 2020 flags

Images of January 6 violence feature MAGA hats and Trump 2020 flags

His message of discouraging political partisanship comes as police and city officials prepare for the rally.

Memories of the January 6 violence – when Trump supporters stormed Congress, killing five and injuring 140 police officers – put Washington, DC, on edge.

A Pentagon spokesperson said on Wednesday officials had received a request from Capitol Hill police for the National Guard to help provide security.

“I think it’s really in the form of workforce support,” said John Kirby, who declined to give further details.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also wrote to lawmakers to say security officials would be better prepared this time around.

“The leadership of Congress, on a bipartite and bicameral basis, has been briefed by the Capitol Police Board of the nature of the threat and of the unprecedented preparations to face yet another attempt to sully our national goal,” he said. she writes.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said this week his officers will not tolerate violence and said fences will be put up ahead of the protest.

“We want to reassure everyone that these are temporary measures to ensure the safety of all,” he said.

“We are extremely grateful for the support we continue to receive from the local community and our Congress stakeholders as we carry out our critical mission.”

More than 600 people have been charged with their involvement in the riot, with a rioter, the so-called “QAnon Shaman”, Jacob Anthony Chansley, 33, facing up to five years in prison, his sentence due on November 17 .

The January 6 riot took place when Congress certified the 2020 presidential election results in favor of President Joe Biden.

Babbitt, 36, was gunned down by a Capitol cop as the Air Force veteran climbed through a broken window into a door in the President’s lobby.


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