EVEN the neatest of us may not realize – or remember – that we need to clean some of our cleaning products.

But there is one cleaning tool in particular that can collect a lot of dirt, which can make it less effective at getting the job done.


New York-based pro-organizer Caroline Solomon says there’s a cleaner that’s important to cleanCredit: TikTok / neat.caroline
She showed how to clean a vacuum cleaner brush


She showed how to clean a vacuum cleaner brushCredit: TikTok / neat.caroline

New York-based pro-organizer Caroline Solomon, known as Neat Caroline on social media, dedicated an entire video to vacuuming.

Or rather, the cleaning of vacuum cleaners.

“Is it time to clean your vacuum cleaner brush?” she asked, brandishing an expensive Dyson model.

First, she advised viewers to remove the brush head from the vacuum cleaner.

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It may look different on different models, but most brush heads should pop out fairly easily as they are meant to be cleaned.

Caroline said to start by removing the lint and hair by hand, pulling it out of where it got tangled with the brushes.

Once most of it is gone, you can get to work on the most stuck parts.

“If you have a lot more hair and fluff, you can use a pair of scissors and cut that fluff,” she said.

Once it’s cleaned, put the brush head back in your vacuum, where it should now have an easier time collecting more hair and lint.

In a previous video, Caroline advised viewers on the proper way to vacuum, saying they should move their vacuum cleaner forward and then slowly pull it back to trap more dirt.

Then she said to overlap your second vacuum line by about 50%.

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Finally, “vacuum from side to side to maximize dirt absorption”.

“Remember to empty your can regularly to improve suction,” she concluded.

She tore out the hair and lint with her fingers and cut what was left with scissors.


She tore out the hair and lint with her fingers and cut what was left with scissors.Credit: TikTok / neat.caroline

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