CONTENT creator and organization guru Kathryn Snearly has revealed her supposed “insider secrets” for shopping at Dollar Tree.

She’s broken down all the conspiracy theories and rumors she’s heard in order to give her the best advice, including when it’s best to buy cleaning supplies.


Kathryn Snearly relayed her top tips for finding the best products at Dollar Tree
She said timing is key, and a little research will go a long way


She said timing is key, and a little research will go a long wayCredit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime


Snearly first exposed a conspiracy theory people created around her that pushed an alleged false narrative that she has to go to the store before opening hours to get her hands on the hottest products. recent and the most beautiful to promote them in its videos.

“Absolutely not,” she said on a March episode of her YouTube show, Do It On A Dime.

Snearly claimed that in reality, she was simply choosing the right store.

“My first piece of advice is don’t go looking for the best store…timing is everything,” she noted.

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“For all four seasons, Dollar Tree rolls out merchandise a month or two before that season happens.

“Spring will be the best for all your organizing and cleaning supplies and the holidays — I’m talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas — will be the best for your crafts.”

In order to find out when these sought-after products will hit shelves, she suggested visiting the Dollar Tree website.

“You can see all the products available and shop their website…You can also check your area’s weekly announcement to see what products are coming to your store,” Snearly explained.

She added that at the top of the weekly ad should be a date range indicating exactly when those products should be rolling out.

She also recommended speaking to the store manager to find out their restocking schedule, so you’re ready to grab the goods once they’re out.

She said to ask specifically what day of the week the products arrive and what day of the week they are then put on the shelves.


Snearly said she has about 10 Dollar Tree stores in her area and has been to almost all of them.

From her experience, she has noticed that management can really set the tone of a store’s organization.

“Great management means your store will likely be taken care of,” she said.

“You also have to remember that a lot of Dollar Trees are hiring right now.

“There’s a labor shortage, so sometimes it takes longer for these things to come out on the floor and in some places it’s actually the customers who are really messing up the store, not putting things back in place and it’s not management’s fault.”


Snearly then shared a “super secret” shopping tip regarding an item’s SKU number, also known as an SKU.

“If you have the SKU numbers of the products you want, you can enter them on the Dollar Tree website and you can have them shipped and ordered to you,” she revealed.

According to Shopify, the SKU number is “a number (usually eight alphanumeric digits) that retailers use to differentiate products and track inventory levels.”

It is normally above the barcode printed on a product.

Snearly said Dollar Tree has revamped its online ordering process and people no longer need to buy all products in bulk.

Although she said it was standard to order an entire case of a single item, it is also now possible to order as few as four units of the same product.


Snearly recommends reading online reviews of products before buying them so you can be more confident about spending the money.

“The reviews on their website are 10 out of 10 out of this world,” she exclaimed.

She also said you can find other uses for the products in some reviews.

For example, she noted that she discovered that flea bag clips can also be perfect for beach towels while she was browsing reviews online.


“I’ve also found that sometimes in smaller, less stocked stores I can get the hidden gems,” Snearly said.

“There are fewer people shopping there, there are items that may not be in some of the larger stores, or that sell out very quickly.”

She added that to get the best stuff, people have to be willing to visit more than one store.

In fact, she noted that people should hit at least three Dollar Trees before giving up on their search.


Of course, there’s the theory that the branded items sold at Dollar Trees are made at a lower cost than the branded products offered in high-end stores.

Snearly says that’s not true.

“Sometimes these items are destined for other stores but are bought in bulk or at auction and then they end up making it to Dollar Tree,” she explained.

However, she admitted that these are usually “once in a lifetime” finds and often happen with beauty items and clothing.

And while Snearly’s advice is meant to help you get the products you really want, she noted that some stores just don’t carry what you want.

Dollar Tree’s official social media account previously addressed the concern that some products cannot be found: “We’re sorry, but our products vary from store to store and are often in limited quantities.

“We cannot guarantee that all products will be available in stores,” they wrote.

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And if you don’t trust the simply written reviews on the Dollar Tree website, dozens of people have relayed their favorite finds online.

For example, one woman revealed how well her Dollar Tree curlers worked for her look, and a mom shared her mess-free use of Dollar Tree organization trays.

Snearly's tips are meant to help people get the cute new products, like the pastel organizer bins above.


Snearly’s tips are meant to help people get the cute new products, like the pastel organizer bins above.Credit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime
Snearly warned that not all Dollar Tree stores will carry all of the products offered by the company


Snearly warned that not all Dollar Tree stores will carry all of the products offered by the companyCredit: YouTube / Do It On A Dime

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