FINDING your favorite coat or sweater crumpled up on the floor of your closet can drive most of us crazy.

But professional home organizer Diane Lowy, founder of New York At Home, has some tips for keeping your clothes looking their best.


Using the right hangers can extend the life of clothesCredit: Getty

“It depends on how often you use items,” Lowy told The Sun. “I like to use hangers for things you look for regularly. If you don’t wear clothes for a while, it’s easier to fold them up and put them away.

When it comes to hangers, she said using the right one can extend the life of your clothes.

Thick wooden hangers that support the shoulders are the best option, especially for heavier garments.

If your clothes are stored in a smaller space with items such as larger coats, chrome hangers are a good sturdy alternative with their rounded edges.

Hanging thick coats on two weaker hangers together is a perfect option for working with what’s already in your wardrobe.

She also recommends leaving some space in your closet so your clothes can breathe.

“I like to say having 10 to 15 smaller items per foot, and if you’re doing something like coats and jackets it depends on the size, having five to 10 per foot is a better ratio to use” , Lowy said.

She does, however, recommend folding items like sweaters rather than leaving them on hangers to maximize their lifespan.

But if you prefer to hang them, it’s important to use the right hanger.

“Let’s say you have a wool sweater that you love, if you leave it hanging on a really pokey hanger for a few months, it can hurt your shoulders,” Lowy said. “If you use a proper hanger, you can wear that wool sweater for years.”

As winter ends and spring approaches, Lowy advises storing zip-up and button-up coats after cleaning them, so they retain their shape.

“Oils and dirt from the outside world and oils collected on your skin can attract bugs and moths and that sort of thing,” she said.


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