The Greens have regained their alliance after losing it three decades ago, officials said.

The Greens have regained their alliance after losing it three decades ago, officials said.

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A couple’s wedding ring disappeared three decades ago – but it was right under their feet in Alabama.

Bill and Betty Green recently found the long-lost ring after it was found under the carpet in the basement of their former home, Lake Homes Realty said in a press release.

It was a special moment for the Greens, now aged 93 and 92. The couple couldn’t afford to buy wedding rings when they married in 1951, but eventually bought them for each other, officials said.

Mr. Green's Lost Wedding Ring foun_fitted.jpeg
Bill Green’s diamond wedding ring was found years after he went missing in Alabama, officials said. Lake Houses Real Estate

Then, while building a house on Lewis Smith Lake in the 1990s, Bill Green lost his diamond ring. He was still missing when they contacted associate broker Justin Dyar and sold their home in December 2021.

When the new owners began renovations, they made a sparkling discovery in the basement. They found the husband’s ring under the ground and reached out to reunite the couple with their “priceless legacy”, officials said.

“The buyers’ agent texted me a picture of the ring and said the new owners found it under the carpet in the basement,” Dyar told McClatchy News in an email. “I sent this picture (to) …. the sellers daughter. She called literally 10 seconds and was thrilled it was her dad’s wedding ring.

Dyar said the couple appreciate the gesture of the people currently living in the house.

“Her new ring had been lost for over 30 years,” Lake Homes Realty said in its press release. “It has now been returned to the Greens and they can enjoy this special piece which has been missing for so long.”

Lake Lewis Smith has a shoreline that stretches for about 500 miles, offering activities ranging from swimming to fishing, according to short-term rental company Airbnb. The body of water is about 50 miles northwest of Birmingham.

This story was originally published January 28, 2022 5:51 a.m.

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