Homebound seniors have been given Thanksgiving and Christmas meals courtesy of the Kingman Regional Medical Center Foundation and organizer John Kirby for the past decade. But now Kirby needs someone to take up the torch to keep the effort going.

Kirby has been the organizer of annual events for over a decade, but will be out of town this holiday season.

“So I tried to recruit someone to take over,” Kirby said, adding that he had been unlucky so far. “It’s not a lot of work; it’s pretty easy. I just need someone to take over.

Kirby said this effort sees the foundation working with the Meals on Wheels program. Seniors enrolled in the program have their interest in receiving holiday meals assessed, with Meals on Wheels representatives then returning this information to the organizer.

On the day of the food distribution, volunteers take care of the food plate as well as the delivery, but the organizer must be present to make sure everything goes well.

“The whole day takes me an hour and a half from the time I leave my house,” Kirby said. “We have reduced it to a science.”

Kirby said the KRMC Foundation has been very generous in the past in supporting initiatives and hopes they will continue to provide funds. The foundation confirmed Friday, November 19, that it is interested in continuing the effort as long as someone is found to reprise the role of Kirby.

“If he could find someone to take it over, we would absolutely be willing to fund it,” the foundation said. “Obviously, we want to be able to give back to the community as much as we can. We are open to continue the relationship with whoever occupies this position.

“I would hate to see him go away,” Kirby said of the effort. “The people who benefit the most are the people who volunteer and the people who bring their kids, and that’s the part I love the most.

Kirby said children who come to volunteer learn the importance of volunteering and community. Seniors also see benefits, apart from the food itself.

“It’s a wonderful event for everyone involved,” Kirby said. “A lot of times when the senior opens the door, that person delivering the food may be the only person they interact with on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. “

Anyone interested in taking on the role of Kirby’s organizer is encouraged to contact him at [email protected], or leave a message at Angle Homes at 928-718-1550.

It’s already too late to find an organizer for Thanksgiving meal deliveries, but if he finds one soon, Christmas meals will be in order for December.


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