Whether or not Gwen Stefani wears her formal wedding ring under her Blake Shelton engagement ring remains to be seen. The couple have yet to publicly confirm they were married, although details of their nuptials have suggested the event will take place later this summer at Blake’s own chapel at his Oklahoma ranch. Gwen recently hosted an intimate bridal shower with friends and family, and now photos from a weekend outing have fans believing Gwen and Blake secretly tied the knot. Under her sparkler, Gwen wore a mixed cut diamond ring that drew attention to the two smaller stones that framed the large emerald of her engagement ring.

Several different shaped gemstones on a band give an unusual look that has become more popular recently, and if you like it, too, there are many similar “cluster” rings you can buy to master the aesthetic. Even if you invest in a special piece of jewelry just for the unique and eye-catching shapes – having nothing to do with a wedding – you will definitely think that upcoming rings are pretty cool. Shop some of our favorites from luxury brands like Stephanie Gottlieb and Suzanne Kalan and low-cost variants of Etsy – after taking the time to zoom in on Gwen’s new pairing, of course.


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