Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo attended to Friday evening (December 17th). After wrapping up the first of two Metallica 40th anniversary shows at the Chase Center in San Francisco, the couple rushed through town to the Fillmore, where they teamed up with Hammett’s Wedding Band for a series of covers.

Alongside vocalists Whitfield Crane and Mark Osegueda – of Ugly Kid Joe and Death Angel, respectively – drummer Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age) and Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves), the group also released Gibson President. by Cesar Gueikian for a pair of Black Sabbath numbers: Fairies wear boots and Symptom of the universe.

For performance, Hammett relinquished control of his iconic 1959 ‘Greeny’ Les Paul, allowing Gueikian to take the reins of the legendary beast while taking the latest prototype Greeny Les Paul replica for a test drive. Check out images from the performance below on Gueikian’s Instagram page.

Hammett seemed pleased with the prototype’s performance, saying, “Your prototype was cool last night! In his own Instagram post.

A replica of the iconic guitar once owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore has been on the cards for some time, with Hammett sharing photos of a first prototype in September 2020, but we have no news on a date yet. official release.

Last year Hammett spoke to Guitar world about the legendary Greeny Les Paul, saying he loves the way the guitar has a fan base that is “completely independent” of him.

” I am not starting [Metallica shows] with this guitar, ”he said. “Greeny gives me maybe seven or eight songs. When I put it on and go out, I can see people pointing at each other and whispering to each other. And signs say, ‘Greeny Lives!’

“When I first got the guitar,” he continued, “my guitarist friends would bring their Les Pauls, put it right next to Greeny and take a picture of both guitars.

“A lot of times I’m standing there and all of a sudden someone’s like, ‘Can I take a picture with Greeny?’ I’m like ‘Yeah, sure.’ I’ll have to take it off and give it to the person or put it on the stand and take their camera and take a picture for them.

“It’s kind of like what it would be like if I was married to someone very famous and constantly asked to step down so they could take a picture with her.”

“It’s really fun jamming with these guys,” Hammett said recently. Cosmo Music about the alliance. “It’s something different. For Rob and I it’s cool, because we can satiate our love of funk and punk … I used to listen to all kinds of crazy music in the 70s – lots of funk, R&B – so I always have had a real appreciation for the music of this era.

He continued, “We got together and started playing songs, and it sounded amazingly good, and then we started improvising, and it sounded amazing… It’s mainly a way for Rob and I to play. We love to jam; we like to play with people; we love to play funk. It’s become a bit of an outlet for us, but it’s nothing really serious or anything like that.

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