Have you seen this fish?

It’s the ocean equivalent of a needle in a haystack, but finding it could save a Queensland man $1,000 – and the loss of great sentimental value.

Without forgetting to give a second life to the fish.

Susan Prior, a woman from Norfolk Island, was snorkeling in Emily’s Bay on Monday when she spotted a sight she didn’t want to see – a mullet fish surrounded by a ring.

It was a disturbing discovery after she made similar discoveries – fish caught in plastic rings – earlier in the year.

However, something was different about the fish she saw this week.

A Norfolk Island woman spotted this mullet fish with a men’s wedding ring on Monday. Credit: Susan Prior/The Norfolk Island Reef

“I saw another mullet with a ring collar, but this one looked shiny metallic gold, with much less algae growth than the plastic ones,” she wrote on her blog, Norfolk Island’s Reef.

Prior’s mind flashed back to a post she had seen on a Facebook community page earlier this year about a man vacationing on the island who had lost his wedding ring in Emily Bay during the period. of Christmas.

“Decided to see if I could find the potential owner,” she wrote.

“It didn’t take long for my suspicions to be confirmed.

Susan Prior spotted two more fish caught in plastic rings off Norfolk Island in February.
Susan Prior spotted two more fish caught in plastic rings off Norfolk Island in February. Credit: The Norfolk Island Reef

“We now have a poor mule weighed down by someone’s (expensive) gold wedding ring.”

The owner is Nathan Reeves, a Gold Coast man who had visited relatives on the island.

Efforts are being made by his friends, who are Norfolk Islanders, to find the fish, Prior told 7NEWS.com.au.

Emily Bay on Norfolk Island.  File picture.
Emily Bay on Norfolk Island. File picture. Credit: Manfred Gottschalk/Getty Images

She said she highlighted the discovery to raise awareness of the impact of the litter on marine life.

“Mules sniff around in the sand for food, which makes it easy for a ring or tie to flip on their nose and get stuck,” she said.

“Always trying to find the positives in any given situation, I see this as an incentive to encourage someone to relieve the poor fish of their disability.

“If the ring had been boring plastic, that incentive wouldn’t exist.”


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