Jennifer Lopez’s unexpected wedding dress choices took everyone by surprise, and her ring is just as remarkable. Although Lopez’s engagement spark has been valued at over $3 million, the superstar’s wedding ring is much more low-key. According to UK retailer engagement ring experts Peter Steven, it’s a 6mm platinum strip, worth about $2,000. Top diamond expert Zack Stone explained that while “it’s a pretty simple group, it fits perfectly with the simple wedding the couple have chosen.”

Jenny Luker, President of Platinum Guild International USA, I guess the price was even more reasonable. As she was enthusiastic about Good morning! magazine“Jennifer’s wedding ring is a classic and timeless style! It looks like a wide domed platinum band. Jennifer’s ring is a beautiful symbol of her love and commitment to Ben, as platinum is precious, rare and hard. a lifetime. I would estimate that the ring is about $1,000.”

JLo’s engagement ring, meanwhile, features a natural green diamond that has been treated to enhance its color, using HPHT heat treatment, and is approximately nine to ten carats in weight, by Steven Stone. With an elongated cushion size, it has three stones, two of which are tapered. We Weekly suggested it could be worth $10 million, but Luker reckons it’s closer to $5 million.

Either way, it’s clear the engagement ring was the more expensive of the two, likely because getting engaged was more important to the couple.


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