Watching a pet destroy a sofa with muddy paws, losing hair and drooling can be frustrating – experts explain how to train a dog to stay off the sofa.

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May 16, 2022 08:00 AEST

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 16, 2022 ( –
Although many pet owners enjoy snuggling up to their furry friend on the couch, some owners are understandably frustrated when they come home with dirty paw prints, malted hair or scratches on their furniture. Australian Pet Gatesthe main supplier of dog beds, outdoor and indoor toys and more, reveals their top tips for training a pet not to jump on furniture uninvited.

First and foremost, Aussie Pet Doors recommends providing an alternative place for pets – dog beds, large floor pillows, or even a comfy blanket will do. Not only does this ensure that the pet will have a soft, comfortable place to relax that isn’t the sofa, but it provides an allotted space that is entirely its own. As a bonus, this will train the pet to sleep in that bed or on that cushion anywhere, making it much easier to move around. Pet experts advise creating brand new commands to indicate when the pet should go to that place and when it can leave that space.

If the animal doesn’t respond well to these commands, says Aussie Pet Doors, it may be a good idea to back off a bit and go back a few steps in the training process. If an animal hasn’t learned a new trick or command in a while, it doesn’t mean it can’t – it just means it may need a reminder in the learning process. . Start slow and work your way up to the final command, rewarding the animal along the way with kibble or treats. This will, of course, create a positive association with the bed in the pet’s mind.

As Australia’s leading supplier of dog beds, Australian Pet Gates reminds pet owners that consistency is key. A pet won’t learn overnight, especially if they’re used to being allowed on the couch whenever they want. Continue to reward the animal and persist in practicing new commands until the animal masters the process.

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Source: Aussie Pet Doors


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