Davis, California – When Jimmy started planning his wedding, he wanted to hold it in a nice shaded area where his guests could relax under the trees and breathe in the fresh air. However, when his wedding planner found a perfect location for his wedding, which was only a week away, he realized the trees were in bad shape.

The trees hadn’t been pruned or improved for about 10 years,” Jimmy told a group of reporters. “Their branches were overgrown and some of them were broken. In addition to making the wedding venue unattractive, the trees posed a risk to guests who would be seated under them. To eliminate the risk, the family had to invest in a major tree pruning procedure, which had to be completed before the wedding day.

Jimmy reportedly called several of his friends to find out which company to use for his tree care procedure. Most of his friends suggested a company known as Davis Tree Service Experts.

The first friend reported that he had used Davis Tree Service Experts several times before,” Jimmy noted. “He had used the team for tree removal, tree pruning, tree pruning and even emergency tree services. Each time he has used the company, he has enjoyed the results.

Jimmy asked his wedding planner to contact Davis Tree Service Experts after doing his research online. He determined that the business had an active website and a Google My Business page. While checking the Google My Business page, Jimmy was pleased when he saw that the business had a large number of positive testimonials.

To see how Davis Tree Service Experts handles different types of tree care procedures, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeservicesacramento.com/davis/.

When the wedding planner called Davis Tree Service Experts and indicated that their services were needed quickly,” said Jimmy, “the company’s field operations manager was more than happy to send one of his professionals to check the trees and provide a quote. It was totally unexpected that the company could send a professional to inspect the trees the day the wedding planner called to request the tree maintenance service.

Jimmy was even more surprised when he saw the quote. For him, the price was extremely affordable.

The quote sent by the company,” Jimmy said, “to improve the appearance and safety of over 100 trees was the most affordable the family had ever come across – the cost of improving the landscape did not increased the budget for the wedding by a significant figure.”

Davis Tree service experts said they initiated the tree pruning process the same day the planned wedding requested the service.

The team worked on about 15 trees each day,” Jimmy said. “The team of tree felling professionals arrived on the landscape around 6 a.m. and did not leave until 7 p.m. Working hard and leveraging years of experience, the company ensured that each tree was in perfect condition before leaving and waiting for the next day.

One of the things that impressed the wedding planner was the fact that the company’s professional tree-cutting team in Davis didn’t just prune the trees and leave the trash lying around,” Jimmy said. “The company collected the waste generated by the entire procedure. By the time the company finished improving the trees, the scenery was beautiful both on the treetops and on the ground below where guests relaxed. The company collected all the waste and took it to the landfill.

Davis Tree Service Experts base of operations is located at 638 Cantrill Dr, Davis, CA 95618, USA. Owners interested in the company’s services can reach its offices by calling +1 530-288-6335 or emailing [email protected]

Media Contact
Company Name: Davis Tree Service Experts
Contact person: Leslie Behan
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 530-288-6335
Address:638 Cantrill Drive
Town: Davis
State: CA 95618
Country: United States
Website: https://www.treeservicesacramento.com/davis/


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