Around where I’m from (New York), the music for when the bride walks down the aisle is always’Bride’s choir‘from the opera by Richard Wagner Lohengrin, and the music when the new couple runs away is that of Mendelssohn Wedding march of ‘A Midsummer Night’s dream.’ (With maybe a dozen of the same exceptions, including Bach’s Jesu Joy.)

Not mine, however. I chose a favorite classical piece that I wanted for the middle of the mass, and the conductor changed it and played it on the exit. This is a sore point for me because I couldn’t hear it since I was outside shaking hands the whole time. (I had a full classical choir at my wedding, and it was this wonderful a capella piece with six part harmony and… whatever.) However, that also meant that Mendelssohn wasn’t playing. Yes, for shaking up tradition!

Do not mistake yourself. I love Félix Mendelssohn. And Wagner is hilariously dramatic. But why does everyone have to have the same music? What can a geek couple choose for their classical wedding music? It all depends on the mood of your wedding.

Let’s say you want spectacular. For your bride’s walk, you can choose a tune reminiscent of young warrior maidens:

And for the couple’s happy journey down the aisle to dominate the world:

If you want noble, Let’s try this. You can even ask someone to do a British accent by saying:

Marriage: the last frontier. This is the relationship journey (INSERT NAMES HERE.) Their mission continues: to explore each other’s strange habits, to create new life without destroying our civilization, to boldly go where many geeks have gone before.

and the couple can go into the universe in style:

Maybe you are more playful. Here’s a good one to dance the aisle with:

And the couple can get people to the party with this:

These are my geek picks. Imagine a bride and groom reading this right now and needing help. Did you have any alternative wedding music? Do you have any suggestions? Post them below!

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