The House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection secured the cooperation of one of the organizers of the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. Organizer Ali Alexander reportedly intends to turn against advisers to former President Donald Trump during his testimony before the committee.

According to The New York Times, Alexander is expected to prove his innocence through his testimony while providing sets of documents to the House committee that could shed light on events prior to the insurrection. Alexander is also expected to point fingers at Trump advisers as well as fellow organizers in his testimony.

“As I actively tried to defuse events on Capitol Hill and end the violence and lawlessness, it is important to note that some people were nowhere to be found,” Alexander told the committee in his opening statement obtained by the point of sale. “News reports suggest they might have been drinking donor-funded champagne in a war room in Willard. I don’t know where they were. But they weren’t working with the police to try to defuse the chaos like I was.

This follows a Washington Post report revealing that a group of the former president’s “most loyal lieutenants” gathered in a room at the Willard Hotel, where they spent days before the insurgency in plotting to cancel the 2020 election and keep Trump in power. . The group included Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and John Eastman.

Alexander also plans to point the finger at Amy Kremer and her daughter Kylie Kremer of Women for America First who also helped organize the Jan. 6 rally.

Trump was impeached for the second time for inciting the Capitol insurrection. The former president has since sought to block the National Archives from releasing his White House documents related to Jan. 6, citing executive privilege. However, the United States Court of Appeals in the DC Circuit unanimously decided to deny the former president’s request to block the archives from releasing his White House records.

In the ruling, the panel argued that Congress had a vested interest in investigating the attack on him.

“The January 6 Committee also demonstrated a strong factual predicate to specifically request these presidential documents,” the panel said in its decision. “There is a direct link between the former president and the events of the day.”


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