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One of the most proven methods of organizing pots and pans is to stack them on top of each other in a cabinet. While the method works, in fact the problem is that every time you want to use one of the pots or pans in your collection, you have to take everything out of your cabinet. Buyers have discovered progress, and this is the Simple Houseware 5 Adjustable Pot and Pan Organizer.

The idea behind the rack, which is on sale for $ 18, arises from the creation of the possibility of “filing” your pots and pans vertically or horizontally. This means that there is space between each pot or pan. As a result, you can simply pull out the part you need rather than unloading all your pots and pans from your cabinet in order to reach one of them.

“After reviewing many other mounts, I chose this mount because it is adjustable, which is exactly what I need,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I had kept my pans all stacked in a drawer, which made retrieving one particular pan a problem. Now I just walked into the cupboard and pulled out the pan with one hand. And the stand is very sturdy and even comes with screws in case I need to attach it to the cabinet. I didn’t have to do it because it doesn’t move. I will be recommending this product to my friends and will definitely get a second one when I start collecting more pans. “

Measuring 9.75 inches by 8.8 inches by 14 inches, the Simple Houseware 5 adjustable pot and pan organizer allows you to set specific dimensions that will best suit your cookware. Plus, the organizer also works for more than just pots and pans – you can store a variety of items from the obvious ones to baking sheets, muffin tins and even cutting boards.

“Being able to store things like cutting boards, hotplates, cookie sheets [and] The upright cupcake molds not only make things look better, but they’re so much easier to access than (inevitably) pulling the item you need from the bottom of a precarious pile, ”another wrote. reviewer who called the tool a “game changer”. “They are heavy enough to store my super heavy cast iron griddle, no problem! I bought two and used the other to store pots and colander horizontally / vertically. I was a tall one. proponent of ‘nesting’ my pots and pans, but again—[it’s] so nice to be able to grab my wok without pulling everything else to access it! “

When it arrives, you might be surprised to see that the company points out that the organizer does not require any assembly. So rather than spending time putting each piece together, you just have to choose whether you want to display the steel and chrome organizer on your counter or store it in a drawer or cabinet. Shop the Simple Houseware 5 Adjustable Pot and Pan Organizer while the sale lasts and cultivate a positive cooking experience that puts the tools you need close at hand, organized, and easy.


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