Whether you’re all in boutique fashion or reading for your viewing pleasure, the biggest engagement ring trends of 2022 are something to talk about. Why not start a new year with an extra dose of diamond and gemstone knowledge, right? Of course, jewelry trends usually change at a different pace than the trendy clothes, shoes, and handbags that line your wardrobe. And yet, they are arguably some of the most exciting to discover – most of them personal trinkets worn close to the heart. But with the new year, changes are occurring in the most popular engagement ring styles, although hits like elongated diamonds in a solitaire setting, yellow gold, and non-traditional designs remain a constant.

“Traditional rules and conventions are still not popular, and I think this will only continue until 2022,” said Leigh Plessner, Creative Director of Catbird. Likewise, bespoke jewelry designer Maggi Simpkins told TZR: “I have a lot of people who come to me who want an alternative to classic and timeless styles. The Los Angeles-based designer highlights larger stones among her top demands, including natural and lab-created diamonds and two- to three-carat gemstones. Other popular choices include rings with oval, emerald, and round diamonds in staggered and east-west settings, unique stone shapes like shields, colored stones ranging from emeralds to sapphires, and voluminous designs.

Importantly, Kathryn Money, senior vice president of merchandising and retailing at Brilliant Earth, points out that yellow gold metals are one of the biggest trends among engagement rings, which Simpkins also points out. Plus, she explains how celebrity engagement rings continue to drive trends, like elongated fancy-shaped diamonds. “Surprise diamond details have also developed in the form of hidden diamond halos, diamond-accented galleries or other unique details crafted under the center gemstone of a ring, adding sparkle and uniqueness to the ring. otherwise understated styles, ”says Money.

Another new change? “We are seeing an interest in engagement rings between the sexes. [It’s] exciting to have a couple who are both interested in engagement rings, ”says Plessner. Plus, a greater emphasis on meaningful details. “Increasingly, we’re finding that our Millennial and Gen Z customers are focusing on the idea behind the ring and the options available to them to make every detail useful and intentional,” Money told TZR, y including materials of ethical origin and cultured in the laboratory. diamonds.

Read on for a full breakdown of the most important engagement ring trends of 2022, as predicted by the three experts, and shop, marvel or save the change ahead of time for inspiration.

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Oval shapes

In addition to pear, ovals are Simpkin’s most requested diamond shape for engagement rings. “I don’t see this slowing down,” she said. Plessner also predicts that the oval solitaires would be the top pick in 2022. “They look gorgeous on the finger,” she told TZR. “Our oval Swan solitaires are available in both 100% recycled gold and diamonds, or with 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, a testament to the continuing (and ever-growing) interest in them. jewelry made in a sustainable manner. “

You and Me Rings

Following the lead of stars like Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski, Money anticipates an increase in you and me rings with two large center stones. “This will be one to watch when he takes control of Instagram in 2022,” she said. “The more unique, the better.

Elongated shapes

In addition to pears and ovals, Simpkins told TZR, “I’m also starting to get more and more requests for emerald cuts. I think people gravitate towards elongated shapes a lot. Adding: “There is also a lot of demand for elongated stones with an east-west orientation.”

Large settings

From recessed sets to signet rings, Simpkins and Money predict an increase in large vintage-inspired engagement rings. “I’m noticing a trend in the very polished and thick yellow gold styles,” Simpkins told TZR. While Money says, “2022 will see an explosion of the past in terms of thicker styles with twists and curves in hot yellow gold, split shank designs that curve around the center gem, and thicker bands reminiscent of the patterns. the most coveted of the 80s. “

Bold halos

Halos are another vintage-inspired trend on the rise for 2022, according to Money. choosing a colored diamond or gemstone ring with a classic halo sunburst design, ”she explains. “Maybe it has to do with the renewed attention to Princess Diana’s style.”

Engagement bands

If you subscribe to a less is more mentality, Plessner says bands as engagement rings will be important in 2022. “Rather than focusing on a prominent center stone, this is such a cool and understated way to do it. ‘go,’ she said.

Color Stones

Gemstones have been a popular alternative to white diamonds in recent years, which Plessner and Money say will continue into 2022. “Rubies, emeralds and sapphires (which come in a million colors) are so beautiful and attractive, ”says Plesser. “Over the years we’ve seen the desire for color flourish – I expect it will only grow.”

Likewise, Money says, “We are seeing diamonds or colored gemstones catching the attention of consumers,” such as sapphires, emeralds, colored diamonds or other colored gemstones. “Celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, Kristen Bell, Zoe Saldana, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson all continue to push this trend forward by wearing engagement rings with colored green, pink, yellow or brown gemstones.

Unique alternatives

“There has recently been a strong demand for lab-created diamonds, salt and pepper and champagne diamonds,” Simpkins said, predicting that all three would be preferred alternatives to traditional white diamonds in 2022.

Rare accents

Accent stones, like rare cut diamonds, are a popular way to modernize classic diamond shapes and settings, like three-stone engagement rings, which Money says will run until 2022. ” Engagement rings with unique diamond accents are experiencing a steady increase in their popularity, ”she said, citing celebrity rings owned by Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato and Amal Clooney. Instead of the round or baguette accent stones that have primarily led the trend, SVP Brilliant Earth says, “We anticipate customers [leaning] in unique fancy-shaped diamond accents including curved pears, ovals and marquises, to more geometric kite or trapeze cuts.

Hidden halos – aka diamonds adorning the basket of a ring – and pave-set diamonds on the claws are two other unique accents Money highlights in its 2022 predictions.

Bridal batteries

For a more is more approach to engagement rings in 2022, Money and Simpkins predict an increase in wedding ring stacks. “I expect a lot of classic style engagement rings with playful stacking bands,” Simpkins told TZR.

Money says the distinguishing factor is what drives this trend. “More than ever, brides are worried about their wedding ring being the perfect match for their engagement ring, and as the last year has shown us an increase in elongated and fancy-shaped diamonds, we have seen a major moment with profile rings and ring stacks. this pair returns to those styles.

Most styles of classic engagement rings are designed to line up between the straight bands for seamless stacking. But with the anticipated increase in fancy-shaped elongated center stones, like an oval or marquise, Money says, “a contoured or nested stack is a great option that allows rings to be stacked flush with the engagement ring.”

Rings for men and unisex

As men’s and unisex jewelry continues to gain momentum, Plessner and Money say the trend is spreading to engagement rings, predicting a steady pursuit for 2022, ”says Plessner.

“We expect fluid gender jewelry to gain popularity in 2022 and for many years to come,” Money says. Classic wedding rings in gold and platinum remain popular timeless styles, especially for men. However, the SVP Brilliant Earth notes an increase in rings containing diamonds and gemstones, alternative metals, engraved details and gemstones in the center of the solitaire. Adding: “Wider, more substantial bands, in particular, seem to be increasingly popular as part of a stack of rings or a wedding look.”


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