EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Nearly a decade after an Edmond woman found a wedding ring at a local pharmacy, her son has made it his mission to make sure she finds her way home.

He drove hundreds of miles just to make sure this story got out, hoping the rightful owner would see it.

“It’s specially written for Bradley by Maggie, and it says for infinity, which is forever,” said Juan Reyes, Jr. “She wanted him to have this forever, and it’s here between de wrong hands.”

It’s been nearly a decade since Juan Reyes, Jr.’s mother found this engraved wedding ring at Walgreens on Second and Bryant in Edmond.

No one at the store knew who it belonged to.

So Juan’s mother put it in her purse, eventually forgetting about it.

“My mother, you don’t know her, but she carries a big, big handbag,” he said.

The Lost Covenant.

The ring sat lost in that big bag for years until recently when Juan was visiting his mother in Edmond.

“And she got excited and said Junior, that’s what they call me, Junior, look at that ring, and she told me the whole story of how it all happened. “, said Juan.

Since then, Juan has kept that ring in that plastic bag in his Illinois home, keeping Maggie and Bradley in his thoughts and in his heart.

“Every night before I go to sleep, I think about the ring,” he said. “What am I going to do with this ring?”

He therefore requested assistance from KFOR.

“I love Channel 4 and I spoke with a young lady named Lauren and she was like, ‘Yeah, we’d help you with that story,'” Juan said.

Even though he was miles away, Juan didn’t want to deal with this from a distance. He jumped on a plane to Will Rogers World Airport.

“Something told me, you have to find out who this ring belongs to because it’s just something that touched my heart,” Juan said. “I will take the time and expense to come to Oklahoma and see you in person and see if we can get those results.”

Just a man on a mission to help another man he’s never even met.

“Looks like I know Bradley for life now, ever since it happened, you know?” Juan said. “Bradly! Come get your ring!

If this is your ring or you know who it belongs to, email us at [email protected]


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