A sensational Miami wedding band is about to unite cultures around the world

Available everywhere now. The first single from their album, their cover of Calvin Harris’ “My Way”, tastefully transformed by Caribbean rhythms.

Junior’s Band performs a unique combination of mainstream pop songs from artists such as Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris with hip tropical beats underneath. The band is a modern sequel to the Latin crossover standard established by Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine. The first single from their album, released on March 16, 2018, is their cover of Calvin Harris’ “My Way” tastefully transformed with Caribbean beats. The title and the musical movement of the album (DOYO – Dance on your own) invite the public to dance freely and create their dance movements according to the feeling of liveliness caused by the music.

Hailing from Miami, a city that serves as a hub for Latin music, Junior’s Band has captivated the wide assortment of sounds and styles that Latin music encompasses, bringing a different flavor to their performances at weddings. The creation of DOYO began at a wedding in Houston, Texas in the spring of 2017. Junior, the band’s musical and executive producer, decided to incorporate a Caribbean rhythm into the drums and horn section during their interpretation of the song Paris. by Chainsmokers – and the crowd went wild. Since this marriage, the sounds and colors of the DOYO of the Junior’s Band unite the multicultural generations on the dancefloor.

Junior’s Band has an annual live audience of over 100,000 at private events. Their music movement has grown their social media followers to hundreds of thousands with nearly a million combined views on their live YouTube videos. Junior’s Band continues to be booked by couples around the world to perform DOYO at their wedding. They have traveled all over the world, from major cities in the United States to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy. Now Junior’s Band is looking to captivate the masses with their creation once their debut single is released.

About Junior’s Band

Junior’s Band was formed by music and executive producer Junior Betancourt Antoniazzi in the year 2000 to provide the highest level of personalized music and entertainment for social events. Every five years, a new generation of Junior’s Band members is formed. Current and young members are part of DOYO or dance on your own, a crossover musical movement. As well as infusing tropical hip beats into the mainstream covers they perform; the band can perform in up to nine different languages ​​in over 12 different genres to accommodate their multicultural audience. Junior’s Band is constantly evolving to make its way into the hearts of new generations. Ever since Junior was six, his dream was to make people dance, and he’s been living it ever since.

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