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Tip number one: give strapless dresses a chance.

The holidays and Valentine’s Day are the prime time for proposals, which means that many engaged couples are now starting to seriously plan their wedding. Questions swirl as you make choices: What are the best places in town to take pictures? What kind of flowers are popular? What style of dress should you try?

Luckily, we had the chance to pose these questions to a group of experts when we checked out the B-List event, a party hosted by Whim Events where local professionals in the wedding industry talked boutique and networked. Here’s what trade experts told us about the Boston trends they’re seeing as this year’s wedding season approaches.

1. There is one sartorial trend that everyone wants to avoid, but it might be worth considering.

“Everyone comes in saying, ‘I don’t want a strapless dress,’ because they feel like they see it everywhere. It’s pretty funny, I jokingly answer: “You and everyone! There is an anti-strapless movement. And yet, when you try on a dress, it’s all about what looks good on you. And I hate to say it, but suspenders don’t fit everyone. ” —Malinda Macari, the bride of your dreams

2. Move around, New England tradition: California flair is essential when it comes to flowers.

“I feel like the organic California style – the big leaves coming out of the arrangements – is getting really big. ” —Moira Thompson, Whim Events

3. Back it up, back it up, that is, with a backdrop.

“Backdrops are huge right now too: photo booth backdrops, ceremonial backdrops, sweetheart table backdrops. “ —Natalie Pinney, Whim Events

4. Boston bride and groom want personalized cocktails made with locally made spirits.

“Right now, I feel like everyone wants to have their own little touch on a cocktail ‘for him and for her’. But the trend is really for local products. Especially with our beer scene here everyone wants to serve [local brews] tap. [Trillium Brewing Company] is hot. And for cocktails, it’s good to use local products. … The Bully Boy Distillery is awesome. ” –Alexis Davis, Hive Events

5. Southie is a hot spot for engagement sessions.

“A lot of my couples live in South Boston, so we’ll be taking engagement photos at Fort Point. You get a nice view of the city. This is also where [many couples] live, where they start their life together, so it’s special for them. ” –Deborah Parker, Deborah Zoe Photography

6. An Eastie sunset also makes a beautiful engagement photo frame.

“I like going to Piers Park in east Boston. I bring engagement sessions at night. You get a beautiful sunset over the city and the beautiful park, and I don’t think a lot of people know that. But it’s a super nice setting, really clean, quiet, intimate. ” –Frank Boucher, photographer at StopGoLove

7. Bostonians are starting to choose less traditional cuts of meat when planning their wedding menus. And the lobster, of course.

“Everyone is looking to do something different, but nothing too crazy. You have to make grandma and grandpa happy, but you also want your friends to think it’s cool. Everyone wants tenderloin, and the tenderloin is excellent. But we’ll say, “Maybe you should be using underutilized cups.” We’re pushing the sirloin flap — it’s getting easier and easier to push that stuff. In Boston, people always want to have a little New England flair in their weddings, so people go for things like smoked blue fish and a lot of lobster. ” —Jamie Rogers, forklift restoration

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