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Most people tend to focus on choosing the perfect engagement ring when they finally decide to ask their partner. However, they don’t give much thought to choosing their wedding ring (which, in our opinion, is just as important as an engagement ring – after all, this is the one you’re going to wear all the time).

Choosing an engagement ring is important (obviously), but it’s important not to underestimate your choice of wedding ring. It’s the ring that you and your partner will wear for the rest of your life, and it should be a physical representation of your commitment to each other (and the love you have for each other). other).

If you’re having trouble choosing your engagement ring, don’t worry, we’ve created this blog especially to help you narrow down your choice of wedding rings to a few (great) designs. We also detail some of the most popular wedding ring styles currently purchased in the jewelry industry (at retailers).

Different styles of wedding rings

There are different styles of wedding rings you can go with; matching pairs, women only (i.e. a special ring just for her) etc. The type of wedding ring style you choose to buy should probably be decided between the two partners (not just one or the other, which would be a decision).

For example, let’s say you want your wife to have her own unique wedding ring, and for her engagement ring, you bought her a gold and yellow diamond ring. If you wanted to be a good partner, you would want make sure the gemstones in the engagement ring and the wedding ring (or at least go well together).

So in the case of this example, you’d better buy a yellow diamond wedding band (so that it matches her engagement ring). You should not buy a ring that is the exact opposite of her engagement ring (for example a black diamond wedding ring). Both should be of the same style and ideally contain the same colored gemstone (s).

Matching wedding rings for couples

One of the most popular wedding ring styles includes two matching rings for the bride and groom. Usually, these styles don’t feature a lot of embellishments or a lot (if any) of gemstones.

For example, a common choice (which has been popular for many decades or even centuries at this point) are two simple yellow gold bands (without precious stones or ornaments – with the possible exception of an inscription inside the band).

best wedding ring ideas

Tips for choosing an optimal alliance

There are a few tips that one should keep in mind as they search for the perfect match. Most of all, you need to be practical about it. No one wants to wear a ring that is uncomfortable, bulky, or generally poorly designed (for everyday use, that is).

Another very important tip is to choose the right size. Keep in mind that this will be a ring that is meant to be worn every day, which means you should probably go for a size that isn’t too tight on your finger (or your partner’s finger).

While resizing a ring is a relatively straightforward process (and not that expensive either), it’s probably not the best way to start a wedding.

Along with the obvious things about the perfect fit, choosing a comfortable design, etc., you also need to consider whether you know exactly what style / type of ring you want. There are several ways to go; plain, embellished, gemstone, no gemstone, etc.

Ideally, you should know what kind of metal you want (e.g. rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc.) and also whether or not you want the design to include gemstones.

If you want gemstones, do you know which type? And what cut? What color? These are all very important details that should be taken into account before even setting foot in a jewelry store.

Know what you want and keep it handy

Ultimately, choosing a wedding ring comes down to knowing exactly what you (and your partner) want to buy. If you want something simple, go for a classic solid gold ring. If you want something more elaborate, consider adding gems to the mix. Also, it is just as important to keep a budget in mind. Don’t go overboard on a ring you can barely afford and end up making a purchase you might regret later.

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