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    Each year, Google publishes its Research year report, which details the most asked questions of the previous year. And as always, in 2021 there were quite a few burning beauty questions that people wanted answered.

    It’s not much of a surprise, whenever we want to find the best hair dryer before we spend our money, we ask Google. Or when we want to get our nails done, we ask Google to direct us to the best nail salon in London. Google, as always, is our very understanding and helpful friend.

    From how to include facial oil in your skincare routine to how to get rid of fake tan, we’ve answered some of Google’s most searched beauty questions in 2021. You are welcome.

    What is the correct order of skin care?

    If our beauty editor had a book for every time someone asked her this, she would indeed be a very wealthy woman. It is so important to have your skin care routine for the maintenance of your skin. It can vary between skin types, says Ksenia Selivanova, co-founder of the skin consulting firm. Lioness. “For example, dry, reactive skin does not need toner, and oils are not suitable for all skin types. A good way to remember how to layer products is: thinner water-based products first followed by oil-based products, thicker, and always ending with SPF [during the day]. ‘

    Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

    1. Cleanser
    2. Mask (in the evening, max twice a week)
    3. Toner
    4. Retinol (evening)
    5. Serum
    6. Moisturizer / Oil / Eye Cream
    7. FPS (every morning)

    How to color your hair at home?

    We fully understand why everyone wanted to know this. With many lockdowns and salon closures over the past two years, we’ve had to take matters into our own hands. This is why we spoke with Josh Wood – master of hair coloring – about his home coloring system and he gave tips and tricks on how to dye your own hair.

    Watch our video on how to color your hair at home with Josh below…

    How to get a gel manicure at home?

    Another question prompted by the ever-changing restrictions we have encountered thanks to COVID-19. Many of us have missed our regular gel manicure appointments because sometimes regular nail polish just isn’t enough.

    However, now there are some really brilliant home products and appliances that fill the void when needed.

    For example, Manicure is the world’s leading herbal gel brand. It is applied like a gel but comes off like a normal polish.

    Beauty brands have recognized the demand for the long-lasting, high-shine nail color that a gel manicure offers. That’s why there has been a burst of polish on the market with the promise of the look and feel of a professional manicure, without the use of UV light.

    How to lengthen eyelashes without applying false eyelashes?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all had naturally long and voluminous lashes? However, this is not the case. So we asked Pro Make-up Artist Dear Webb for his advice. “A good eyelash curler is a secret weapon for getting fuller, longer lashes,” she says. “Use your eyelash curler before mascara application to give it a head start and also to instantly open the eye, with or without mascara and you won’t look back. It makes the difference.

    She also recommends going for a mascara that defines as much as it lengthens. “The more defined and less voluminous the lashes, the longer they will appear. BareMinerals Strength and Length Mascara features a palette-shaped brush that combs each lash to perfection. ‘

    What does vitamin C do for your skin?

    Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient that we encourage everyone to include in their skin care routines. It’s a fairly potent skin lightener and antioxidant, offering some protection against UV damage and slowing down premature aging. We are not alone in our love for it, Joanna Czech, a famous facialist and skin expert agrees. “I use it in my treatments in a number of ways,” she explains. “Vitamin C peels are super brightening and there is no downtime, so the results are instant glowing, healthy skin. I also like to use sera containing tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD), a very stable form of vitamin C that stimulates and strengthens collagen, inhibits melanogenesis and prevents hyperpigmentation. ‘

    Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist, adds that it helps in the synthesis of collagen. “Collagen is the main protein in the skin that provides it with support. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for the production of collagen. Using it for about six months can therefore help reduce the appearance of fine lines. ‘ She also recommends that people with acne use the best vitamin C serums because they can help reduce redness and irritation.

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    How to fix cakey makeup

    Is there anything worse than looking in the mirror in the late afternoon? A harsh reminder that everything was not like that morning? Dear Webb told us how to avoid such horrors in the future.

    “Cakey makeup can often be revived and refreshed with a spray of makeup setting spray. It is designed to set makeup and increase longevity, but it also refreshes the skin instantly. I love Urban Decay All Nighter Fixing Spray and a light mist of it all over your makeup will instantly revive, refresh and remove excess powder skin instantly. ‘

    Cher also says that mushy makeup is often the result of too much product on the face. “A good brush will bring this out,” she says. “Another tip is to use a good, firm dotting brush to remove any excess product and polish the skin so it looks more flawless and less makeup. The Clinique Foundation Buff Brush is the perfect size and shape for both liquid and powdery textures. Use it in circular motions on the face to fold everything away.

    Clinique Foundation Brush – £ 29 | John lewis
    Mary Phillips, makeup artist for some of Hollywood’s biggest A-Listers, also recommends using a brush like this to refresh your makeup in the middle of the day. She says to put some moisturizer on the back of your hand, then apply it to the skin with the brush. It will give a second life to your foundation, without stripping it.

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    Do Beauty Products Really Expire?

    Yes. There are no two ways about it. There are expiration dates for skin care and makeup, and most of them can be found on packaging. Have you ever noticed the little symbol of a jar with a number inside? This details how many months after opening your product lasts.

    beauty expiration date symbol

    On the makeup side, here are some general rules to follow:

    Makeup expiration tips:

    • If your product looks or smells weird, throw it out
    • Wash your hands each time you go to apply or reapply your makeup. Avoiding introducing bacteria into any of the formulas will make them last longer
    • If you have a cold sore, get rid of any lip product that has come in contact with it.
    • Write the date you bought a product on duct tape and stick it to remind you when to throw it away
    • Wash your makeup bag regularly. We’re all guilty of letting it go into a state, but cleaning it on the registry will keep bacteria away.

    What is eyebrow lamination?

    Eyebrow Lamination is the painless treatment that straightens the natural hairs of your eyebrows, then lifts them and fixes them in place and in the desired shape with a chemical solution. It’s not invasive or as permanent as microblading, but super-groomed brows will be yours for up to six weeks. No one has made us want the treatment more than influencer Laura Klein, who speaks often of her love for the treatment. Check out these eyebrows …

    How to remove the fake tan

    The panic that sets in when you realize you’ve made a mistake with the self-tanner is unparalleled. This is why we consider the correct way to eliminate a fake tan to be one of the most important lessons in life.

    There are a few remedies that we are counting on here at Marie Claire headquarters thanks to the advice of Jules Von Hep, creator of one of our favorite Isle of Paradise tanning brands and false god of tanning.

    • use a gentle body scrub mixed with a small amount of oil on the area to be repaired
    • head to a steam room, sauna, or swimming pool (if you don’t mind being a little streaked in public), the heat and chlorine will break down the DHA
    • grab a pair of exfoliating gloves, jump into the shower and work gently in circular motions
    • two tablespoons of baking soda added to water creates a paste that can be applied to mistake

    What is niacinamide used for?

    “Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, helps control pigmentation, increases energy production, reduces acne, promotes cell growth and speeds up skin renewal,” explains Joanna Czech. She says that whatever your skin type, you will reap the benefits.

    Dr Anjali Mahto adds that if you are going to include it in your routine, be sure to “look for products with at least 5% niacinamide for best results and make sure it is high (top 3- 5) on the list of ingredients. of a product.

    So there you have it, we hope we’ve helped solve some of the most asked beauty questions.


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