Writing the Thesis Part 2

Let’s look at the past tense. By contrast the past tense is mostly used for specific actions or events that took place in the past and no longer continue in the present. This is usually the case with case studies specific experiments or specific historical events. Here are some examples in 1990 for Hilton Hotels Corporation and announced plans for a reorganization of its internal operations zigmund at all 1995 page 184 3m developed post-it notes and many other unique products. In their 2001 study Wolfe and Parker found that costs and nonprofit hospitals increased twenty-four point seven percent so what about the future tense? The future tense is not often used in academic writing it is generally reserved for plans and predictions with a very high degree of certainty, for example the company will expand in 2012 okay now that we have the tensor sorted out let’s take a look at some pointers.

For writing organized paragraphs a well-written paragraph and consequently a well-written thesis follows the formula tt4 topic sentence or controlling idea e for explain elaborate define the second e. For examples evidence illustrations let’s look at an example formalization is an important element in organization structure it means literally having things written down there are many ways an organization can write down who does what firstly there is the organization chart similarly job descriptions policies procedures and rules are all examples of formalization of these specifying.

What will be done, who will do it and how they will do it? Some other things to remember about a paragraph are although there are no definite rules between 100 to 150 words in a paragraph is a good legs to express your thoughts avoid long paragraphs of 250 words or more and ensure that there is one main idea in every paragraph once we have our paragraphs sorted out we can look at or amazing them into the thesis there are three essential qualities for writing a good thesis unity coherence and development quite simply unity means that when ideas and paragraphs are strung together and the relationship between them is clear then the whole writing is said to have unity a piece of writing has coherence when there is a clear relation between paragraphs as with unity when the paragraphs are strung together and the connection between them is clear.

Then it is coherent in other words everything fits together convincingly unity goes hand in hand with coherence the ideas and discussion in your thesis should be a connected convincing argument hence if we were to diagram that it would look like this your research question should logically flow into the discussion of your data collection. The data collection section should logically lead to the findings and analysis section in this section leads naturally to the conclusions and recommendations.