Writing PERFECT Personal Statement

Today I’m making a video on college personal statement. This has been a highly requested video and I hope this helps you writing your college personal statement supplements and other things. I’m going to be referencing my new college admissions book you got into where which is now on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. All the links will be below and I will be referencing this as I give you all my tips on personal statement. The most important resource is Edusson platform where you can find the great articles on similar topic.

Here are the top tips for personal statement. The first thing I like to talk about is topics. Topics are so hard to find when you read the prompts for the common app or if you read a prompt that college gave you. That kind of limits how you think about your topics but what I did personally I thought about what I wanted to write about. I didn’t think about the prompts or anything and once I figure out what I wanted to write about. I made a simple outline and then once I did that, I formed my thoughts and my idea for my personal statement – one of the prompts so in my book you can actually read my full common app personal statement and see which prompt I chose, but I don’t have time to read the whole thing so definitely check that out if you are interested.

Now I’m going to read the ten top tips I have that I list in my book because they are really important if you want to get that perfect personal statement.

The first thing I have in here is to start early. It is really important to start early because you do not want to be that student writing their personal statement the night before. It’s due even a week before, it’s due you want to have time to look it over on edit. Let other people see it in things like that so for me I wrote my personal statement pretty early. I finished my rough draft before I even started my senior year and I know that’s insane but it actually helped me um prioritize my time and I have more time to do my friends. Were worried about writing the personal statements.

I was already halfway down the process so that was such a relief the other thing I like to say which is number two is to think small a lot of students will write about a really broad topic and they’ll go into the things they did. For example, their freshman sophomore junior year they’ll say oh I was a swimmer so my freshman year here I won this award. I qualified for this in my senior year, I broke this record so that’s very broad my thing for essays is focus on a small anecdote. For mine I wrote about one day in my life. I didn’t talk about clubs I was in I just chose one specific topic of one specific instance and the reason you do this is because it makes it easier to tell a story personal statement for college are different than the essays you write for English they don’t have to follow that five paragraph format it’s easier to write everything you want to say in a story and break it up into small maybe three sentence paragraphs because it makes it easier to read and it makes it a story.

College admissions officers they read thousands and thousands of personal statements and it’s really nice to look and say oh here’s a really good story. They told a story that reveals things about them. Another thing that you want to remember when writing your personal statement is avoiding cliches and common topics so cliches and college personal statements might be scoring your first goal in soccer or going on a mission trip. Those are cliches but also don’t 100% factor them out because if you can think of a specific antidote that applies to you and no one else then that might be a good personal statement. What I always say to the students: I tutor is that if anyone else could write the same exact personal statement as you then don’t choose that essay number four if you’re having trouble choosing your essay or you have a couple of ideas I say you outline three different personal statements what this will do was you realize.