Easy Ways To Spend Less On Food While In College

Food is a basic commodity that college students spend money on daily. With their busy schedules, college students often end up making impulse buys on pricey food items which affect their limited weekly budget. These splurges may include expensive coffee, junk food and food chain meals.Food budgeting is one of the necessary skills a student can develop while in college. It’s important to learn how to save money in college because it’s a preparation for life in the real world. There are many ways to keep food expenses at a minimum, here are some tips:


  • Use coupons. Buying food from the grocery is a smart way to save money on food. Coupons help further lessen your total food expenses. Scan through your mail and Sunday paper for coupons you could use.
  • Buy store brands. Go for the store brands if they are available since they come cheaper than brand name items. In many cases, the only difference you’ll notice is in the packaging.
  • Buy in bulk. Maximize your savings by buying some food items in bulk. This applies to staples like coffee, cheese, pasta and beer for some. Do your grocery with your roommates and just split the bill later.

Dining out

  • Attend events. Instead of dining out, find out if there is an event going on in campus. Most organized events include a free dinner for its attendees.
  • Say pass. When dining out gets too frequent, it won’t hurt to say pass on some occasions. It’s cheaper and sometimes healthier to eat at home instead.
  • Scout for discounts. Before dining out, do a little search online for ongoing promos or discount coupons. Sites like Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com always have something interesting to offer.


  • Carry water. Why buy bottled water when you can always bring one from home. Water is also cheaper than any other flavored beverage. It also helps keep you satiated, therefore reducing unnecessary snacking.
  • Make your own snack. Store bought sandwich can set you back a few bucks. Sandwiches and other snacks besides chips can be made at home using grocery-bought ingredients. You can add all the filling you like without worrying too much about the additional cost.
  • Shop at the dollar store. The dollar store is filled with great bargains including snack foods and condiments. Get party and movie snacks from the dollar store to save money.

Cheap food isn’t always equivalent to bad food or empty calories. These tips should help a college student eat better without letting their limited budget suffer. The money saved can then be used to buy used college textbooks or other needs.