Agree/Disagree Essay

In this lesson we’ll focus on a green disagree essay so in this lesson I’ll give you sample a gritty secure question then I’ll show you how to decide whether you agree or disagree with statement and how to generate supporting ideas and finally we’ll write a band 9 answer together are you ready then let’s go here is an example of IELTS writing task 2 question that you can get let’s read the question card big celery is much more important than job satisfaction do you agree or disagree provide relevant examples if necessary write at least 250 words when you’ve got a question card you first have to understand what the question card asks you to do usually a question card has a statement and a set of instructions addressed directly to you.

In this case you have to say whether you agree or disagree and provide relevant examples this is a classic example of IELTS agree disagree question allows questions that ask to what extent do you agree or disagree this question gives you only two possible answer choices to agree or to disagree you cannot sell it to partly agree in a green circle questions your opinion must be super clear here is a band 9 ounces structure for IELTS writing task 2 our first paragraph is an introduction in the introduction you paraphrase the statement and present your opinion after the it comes but at Burger Juan in this paragraph you put the first reason our so called supporting point of your opinion then comes by the paragraph two there you write the second supporting point of your opinion and finally you write a conclusion in the conclusion you briefly summarize what you have written before now you have to choose your opinion do you agree or disagree with a statement you have two possible options first you can write that you fully agree think big salary is more important than job satisfaction our secondly you can write that you completely disagree with set and will your opinion affect your mark now well you don’t use offensive language all right some very bad things your opinion doesn’t matter to the examiner and what to do when you don’t know which opinion to pick just pick the one for which you can generate more supporting points.

Supporting point are supported idea means your explanation of why you chose a particular opinion now let’s generate supporting points for each of our opinions our first opinion big salary is more importantly so what is our supporting ideas why big salary can be more important than job satisfaction well having a job is a high salary makes people feel satisfied no matter what kind of jobs in do is itself a supporting point and also money is essential for survival and good living okay’s it’s good you don’t need too many supporting ideas you’re three supporting ideas is enough now let’s look at our second opinion job satisfaction is more important how can we support this opinion well job satisfaction gives you a sense of fulfillment doing what you like keeps you motivated and therefore leads to a career growth and money can’t buy happiness and it’s more pleasant to push what you’re interested in that’s also very good for our sa will choose the second opinion.